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Damn Road Hazard Rock!


Oct 22, 2018
California, USA
Luv '69 & older Vettes
I have a new (to me) 2010 3LT coupe with auto trans. The other day I was driving on a typical paved road going approx 45mph, and enjoying the day. Suddenly I realized something was in the middle of my lane that I didn't have time to avoid, and I only had time to take my foot off the accelerator and brake after hitting it. CRAP!!! It was a 10" to 12" tall rock/mini boulder that must have rolled off the nearby hillside. It was in the middle of my lane and the lower front lip made first contact. The rock wedged back underneath approx 20" taking out the radiator, support brackets, and only the dealer will know what else. Radiator fluid rushed out and I had to eventually back up off of the rock to remove it. F#@K!!! I sat there cursing for at east 5 minutes as to why I didn't see and avoid it. LONG story short, too late, it's now at a local Chevy dealership to be assessed and repaired using my insurance; $500 deductible. It could be anywhere between $4000 and $10,000 to repair properly...I don't care just want it back to original. Anyone experience front end/ engine damage similar to this? I'm worried the insurance claims adjuster will not OK everything the dealer suggests needs repairing. Any suggestions on this repair topic and how to be certain it's all repaired properly thru insurance will be greatly appreciated. :rolleyes:
It seems we quite often don't see things in the road until too late. I missed seeing a dead deer in the road one night due to a vehicle coming towards me with high beams on. Tore out the exhaust system on my work car and some other damage.


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