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dash lights


72 bluzman

I'm a new Vette owner, and have purchased a 72 convert. I have a few newbie questions. My headlights work fine, but I don't have any interior dash lights. Would it be just a fuse, and is the fuse box located under the radio? I have the 350 with 8:6 compression, so is this the base motor? And last of all, how can I find out if my 4-speed is close or wide ratio? Thank you for any help.
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I won't be able to help you with the light issue, sounds like it could be a fuse. I am not familar with the 72 and where the fuse panel is. I'm sure we have some members here that can direct you right to it.

As for the transmission HERE is a thread from the past that may help you with your transmission question. There is some really good info in it.

Enjoy you time here and enjoy the ride :D

Welcome 72 bluzman

The fuse panel is behind the hood release mechanism on the firewall.

Again, welcome! There are a lot of good people here.

72 Bluz
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It probably is a fuse problem but that could be just the beginning. My 71 had no working interior lights when I got it so I started hunting and found some creative wiring had led to the problem. After I got that straightened out I put in a new fuse and the lights worked....but then I started the car and moved the shifter...lights out:confused ...fuse blown:mad ...and I haven't felt like tackling that problem again yet. Good thing is I never drive w/ the top up:D so moonlight and streetlights provide excellent illumination:upthumbs . Secondly, during the brief period when the lights did work all they did was show me where my feet were.

Good Luck!:w
Boom, boom, out go the lights!

No boom-boom, but I had a problem with the interior lights and the dimmer switch just before all the interior lights went out. Turns out my problem was a headlight switch. I used a flashlight next to my R leg to light the speedo/tach area when I wanted to check my speed until I fixed the problem.
BTW, welcome to the CACC family, 72 Bluzman!
interior lights

If you can't find find the problem get a wiring diagram. You will be able to trace the circuit. If you don't have any power to the interior lights and the fuses don't have power check the fusable link that comes off the starter. One of the wires from the starter wiring harness feeds the interior lights with power. A visual inspection of the fusable link is not enough. Check for power with a multi-meter.


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