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differences between 68 and 69


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Jun 7, 2005
Temperance Michigan
67 427 tripower,68 427 tripower,04 Z16, 62 340hp
I've read several articles that discuss how the 68 vettes had several quality control issues that were addressed for the 69 model year.
So now I'm shopping for an early C3 big block and I'd like someone to tell me what those issues were, and are they easily repairable.
Thanks for the help..
Does anyone have a source (web site)of quality C3s that I could check out.I've found many allready but havent found the rite one yet



This quality issue thing was a overall reaction in 1968 , when this modell came onto the market.
Today, you will not see any difference anymore.
The late 68 and onwards modells are a bit tighter due to slight chassis mods ( kickup ...) and some minor parts are easier to find, but if you find a nice 68 , don't hesitate to take it.
After all it's the original shark and like most other modell years have prooven, it seems to be the first and last year run of each modell being mostly appreciated on the end.
I love my 68 and specially all this one year only gimmics on it. Makes it very unique.
In the past, 68 modells where a touch cheaper than 69th, but this is nearly over .
I do have problems to understand why people look for 69-72 Vettes.
Either 68-72 or 68-69 or 70-72.

Happy new year. Günther

Vettehead Mikey

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Aug 26, 2003
Not that far from Ottawa
1973 Coupe
I wouldn't worry about quality issues between a 68 and a 69.

The big difference with restoring a 68 is the large amount of one year only parts. This can make the restoration much more expensive and time consuming.

If the car is already restored, then you're all set.


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Nov 9, 2002
One owner unrestored Black 1962 FI Corvette
Here we go, :D Number one, 1968 Vette`s are not stingrays. If anything they are the production version of the Mako concept Vette. All the rest of the 69-82 Vettes were badged as a less serious killer fish name as stingrays, and are just a clone version of the 1968`s. Worth somewhat serious dollars less than the 68 originals. ;LOL Are not original paintings worth more than mere copies? Also 68`s are the true HP versions along with the 69 through 70 stingrays. Number two, there just isn`t any, go back to number one.:upthumbs

Happy New Year everyone,

6880 Mike

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Jun 30, 2006
The Bluegrass State
1968 convertible; 1980 L-82
...Number one, 1968 Vette`s are not stingrays. If anything they are the production version of the Mako concept Vette. All the rest of the 69-82 Vettes were badged as a less serious killer fish name as stingrays, and are just a clone version of the 1968`s....

It is probably correct to say all the C3s were patterned from the Mako Shark II show car since the body style essentially remained unchanged throughout the model run. The 69-76 models are Stingrays and have the fender badges. No such scripts on the 68s or the 78-82 models.

Regardless of the presence or absence of a fender script, all of them are Corvettes.
Aug 19, 2004
Denver, CO
'72 Targa Blue Coupe
The only "quality" issue that I am aware of is the lack of adequate weather stripping on the early production cars. Apparently, some cars would take in water to the interior.

As far as "differences", I know that the outside door handles on the '68's were pushbutton rather than a flush-fit lever type. The backup light(s) is different also. The lack of "Stingray" badging is also correct.

There may be others, but this is what I have learned of.



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Dec 16, 2002
Dallas, TX
'68 White Vert '05 Silverado SS
I can't really respond to quality issues as I don't know 69 to 80 Vettes very well. I do know some of the hurdles I have faced while working on my 68.
As previously stated, the pushbutton door locks and the ignition cylinder. Almost obsolete when searching for parts. The brake light switch is also something that you will rarely find and if you do someone wants an arm and leg for it. The center A/C duct bezel is also hard to find, think non A/C cars bezel is available. I find alot of catalogs just skip over 68 and start with 69 and up parts.
Don't get me wrong, love my car with a passion but some of the one off's and obvious first model year engineering can drive ya crazy.

Good luck with your search.

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