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Don Olson's excellent wiring diagrams in Carlisle

Mar 6, 2005
Trois Rivieres, Quebec, Canada
63 Resto Coupe-Red 65 Roadster
I have made arrangements to get a quantity of assorted wiring diagrams from Don Olson, so that they may be seen, appreciated, and purchased from my vendor spaces on row I from I-101 to I-103.

They will be prominently displayed so that everyone can appreciate the quality, and ease of use. The price is a low 25$, and from personal experience, I guarantee you that they are worth every penny.

Looking forward to seeing you all there.


I would recommend that anyone interested in obtaing one to send me an e-mail at the following robert.pelland@cgocable.ca in order to have one put aside for pick-up. Don't forget for every Forum Member that attends the show, there are more then 500 visitors, so these wiring diagrams will sell out quickly. Please e-me and tell me the exact year you are interested in.


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