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eagle read this please ESC fix??



We can't find the problem. Some times I start my car and drive about 50 km, nothing happens. it runs very fast and smooth.
Sometimes a run a cold engine and a have the ESC again, but when its hot a restart the engine and the ESC dit not comback.

The engine manufactuer thinks it's a software problem. The original software can't handle the modified engine. Is this true?

I have the edelbrock performer heads, Lingenfelter SuperRam, B&B triflow exhaust and no kats and EGR disconnected.

New fuel regulator (51 pounds of pressure) new MAF relays and new noksensor.

I think some of the more enlightened folks on this site would suggest that you replace the chip in the ECM for one made to handle the modifications you have made. I know several on here already have installed new chips....

Sounds like you have done some great mods to your car. I have had a problem like this before. I am going to make a couple of suggestions.

First, you need to reconnect the electronic portion of the EGR. I know it sounds crazy, but the stock computer in that year model car depends on a return signal. If it is not in balance, you will get this kind of problem. My guess is based on a number of factors, but one really direct one.

I had an 85 with a very modified 383 using the stock computer and an ADS Strip Chip. I had some driveability issues, but nothing too bad.

I sold the car to a fellow that almost immediatly removed the egr, made a nice block off plate, and diconnected the wires. He ran into a very simular problem-run fine most of the time, but every now and then it was terrible. Turns out that reconnecting the EGR solenoid and capping off the vacuum put it back on track.

Second, the computer is not as sophisticated on the 86 and has trouble adapting to too many mods. You may really want to consider going with a complete computer replacement. There are a variety of manufactures to choose from. In the end, you will be able to dial in your own spark and fuel curve solving many of your problems.
thanks Chris


I already hear from a tuner that reconnecting the ERG plugs helps to stay away the error, but EGR dont effect the ESC. Doesn't it???

I have already ordered a new computersystem, which is 60x faster than the original comp. DAT comp, streetversion.

But I can install it maby this winter, so till that time I have to use the GM-comp.

So I want to use the GM-comp for a few months more and even with my new block (413 Cid)


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