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engine has anti-freeze in it....... help me



hi i have a 1984 corvette. the antifreeze is in the engine compartment. it was running hot at 260... then the hood wouldnt open. found out the cable had snapped.. What should i do? have a mechanic take the head off, and see if the gasket is no good, and then send the cylinders out to be checked? Thanks Blueslady. And yes the car came with the engine........
Hello, Was the engine missing? Have the plugs been pulled to see if there is water in the cylinders?:grinsanta
You say "antifreeze is in the engine compartment" the term "compartment" is indeed a technical one used in oil analysis!

Who says there is antifreeze in the "compartment" or do you mean just under the hood? A broken hose will cause overheating and antifreeze there.
This is vauge......

Ok How long was the car running @260?

Follow these steps

1) Get the hood unstuck ( Mid America makes a tool for this).

2) Pull the Dip stick if it has ( what looks like ) Milk on the dipstick you are sunk.Start shoping for a new engine, if not keep reading.

3) Find cause of leak
Fill radaitor back up, and with hood open walk around and see where waters coming out.

4) On a warm day ( outside dry ) put white paper towels behind exhaust on ground.. fire the car up
let it warm up if little droplets of GREEN coolant wind up on the towels, you have a bad head gasket or cracked head. a mechanic can confirm this with a pressure test.

Happy Holidays


If the engine has oil in it, and the oil in the dip stick looks like egg nog....well you need new head gaskets. Normal problems for old cars. You can do this yourself with time, tools and an owners manual for torque specs. :r
Definately a confusing post. Compartment? If that means "where the engine is" you might just have a bad hose (that could be the heat problem too). If compartment means "inside the engine" and the dipstick has "milk" on it then it might mean bad head gasket or more likely a shot/cracked head. Something tells me that if you can't unstick the hood then changeing heads (or magnafluxing them) is OUT of the question. What do you mean about "send the cylinders out to be checked"? Does that mean the pistons or the jugs? If you go that far you might as well rebuild or swap the sucker out. Methinks it is mechanic time.

Good luck

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