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Enough HP for 13.0 1/4???



Planning to rebuild and was wondering what the min. hp/tq level I would need to reach this goal. According to another site's computer dyno, my planned rebuild is at 385hp and 407tq and projected times are approx 13.4 . What do you think??? (75 coupe with TH400 and 3.08 gears w/2200 stall converter)
If you concern is just 1/4 mile times then I would get rid of that 3.08 and go with something like a 3.70 or if you going all out a 4.11. Gears will do more for your 1/4 mile time than anything else.

Yea, I know. Yhis will be primarly a street car that will very seldom see the dragstrip. The 13.0 is a yardstick that I can measure performance by. I plan on a really nice redo of my Vette and dont want a "all show and no go" .
By the time that you get a 350 doing 13.0 with 3.08 gears the engine is not going to be very streetable. I have to agree with the above comment about lower gearing. Your 385 HP rebuild should get you to your goal with 3.55 or 3.70 gearing.
Although a fun question to kick around, it is really impossible to guess due to the huge variables between tires, track, temps, weight, and driver skill.

For example, my 85 383 stroker vette ran 13 flat in the 1/4 with 3.08 gears very mild 20/40 Crane Cam, 1.6 rockers, ported heads, and a bone stock intake. More or less, limited to 300 hsp, but the torque was strong.

So, you can easily hit this mark with that gear, but my mph was low at the end of the track. Plus this was a very streetable car with ice cold a/c.

I have seen some cars that should run 12's based upon the specs, that are lucky to hit mid 14's due to traction issues.

You need an engine that is going to make big time torque in the lower RPM band to work well with that gear ratio. Your on paper dyno numbers really sound like a high RPM type motor that will actually slow you down with that gear.

Try to match this thing up. You could have a 500 peak hsp motor at 6,500 RPM, and get beat by an Acura Integra because your trans and 3.08 gears will never let you get there until the race is over.

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