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Exhausts and headers ?



Hey corvette lovers !!
I want your opinion and experience on the best bang for bucks on the whole exhaust systems from headers to the back !!:eek:
For....an L-98, '89 conv. roadster.:s :J
Sound/HP is important.....deep throaty sound...not too loud !:)
Now, I've heard from several opinion..... :confused:
Flowmaster : good sound, best HP, but have to replace it every 3 years, 'cause they rot out.
Borla : Stainless Steel, good sound, $$$, life time warranty.
Tri-Flo : Stainless Steel, ( i've heard it on a C5, sounds like somebodies farting !:( ), $$$.
Corsa : Dunno much about it! good sound, $$$ !
Hooker Headers : good reports, best for 'vettes.
SO, fire away...:r
i'm listening....
PS also......anyone try to fit a 315/35zr17 on their 9.5" rim on the rear ? does it fit ? and does it look good ?:rolleyes:
Thanks all

'89 conv. roadster (Bright Red).
'84 coupe Z-51, (Champagne)
Hey pattran, Lingenfelter makes a very nice set of ceramic coated full length headers for the L-98. My personal choice would be to go with these in a 1 3/4". They are priced under $600. As far as cat-back systems go, I think you're going to get qiute a few different suggestions on this one. Personally, I like the Tri-Flows. My buddy has them on his LT-4 & boy do they look & sound terrific (not sure what they sound like on a C-5)......

As far as a 315 on a 9.5 rim, I've seen this done several times. They do fit but they should be mounted on a wider rim. The tire does bow just a little but I don't think it looks to bad at all. I've never heard of anyone having problems either. You're probably going to get a few different responses on this too.....Good luck!

exhaust and headers

Hey Pattran,

To my '86 convt I've added Arizona Speed and Marine headers (not ceramic), y-pipe with no precats, Dynomax catback with Dynomax Turbo Mufflers. I've had for 3 years and no rust through. Extremely affordable. I think about $900 back then. Sound is not what I ultimately would like, mildly louder than stock but, when you open it up, the headers and mufflers roar. It's nice. Still looking for that deep rumble at idle so, I'm considering Corsa when it's time to replace the mufflers.

Please post your decision. I'd like to hear what you end up doing.


I put a set of hooker super comp headers on my 85 L98 4 years ago plus a set of flowmasters I sprayed both down with that green zink aircraft primer then I resprayed with hi-temp aluminum paint no majior rust on either so far and I love the sound(I picked up quite a bit of low and midrange torque too):)

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