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Fuel Gauge...C4



Hi all...my 1984 is acting weird...the fuel gauge is always reading full...could this be to a ground somewhere...or is the float stuck to full open?..thx...Seggy

How much gas do you think is in there? I know when it says empty, it is REALLY empty. I ran out of gas last week on reserve. DOH!:eek

Also, is everything else on the cluster working properly?
It was working then stopped after I filled it...I suspect a stuck float....hmmmmmmmmmm....the trip odometer and distance are working properly though...need a schematic I guess to see if they get their respective readings from the same loop...


I'm with you when my 92 hits reserve I'd better find a gas station fast! I can go from have 80 miles worth of gas to 0 miles in a matter of 5 to 10 minutes it's amazing.:eek I try not to hit the reserve on my 92 for that reason. I've been out in the country without a station in sight and really sweated making it to a station before running out of gas. I've been very lucky so far.:) I think one of our problems is, is that we do a lot of parades and homecoming activities where we drive at 1-5 mph for long stretches. I think it confuses to computer.;) I know it does me. I always think I should be able to get more mileage out of a tank. My husband's 98 gets a lot better mileage than my 92 does. :w
c4 problem

Hi Seggy I have replaced 2 sending units in my 84.First time it happened I told my wife the car was getting great mileage, the next second the engine cut out at 75 mph.No problems since sending unit replaced.
Sounds like you do have a ground problem not likley the float is stuck never seen it but there is no resistance to ground therefor it reads full.Try grounding tank to a good ground perfferable battery and if does not work i would check harness because there is probally a short to ground or open in ground circuit.
ground is a good suspect...wish I was an auto mech and not an aircraft mech...lol...thx all for the help...

YUp...ours went wacky after filled it up too....unfortunately it wasnt stuck......just corroded (pretty badly too....replaced whole unit)....it was down the shore all summer and apparently moisture and salt air got to it......... :-(
I ran out last night! The ultimate good luck story. I felt it hesitate (Never felt it before in the Vette, wasn't a good feeling. I'm used to positive response, at all times...), figured it was a gas issue, turned at next corner, it sputtered a few times and died. Pushed in clutch, took it out of gear, coasted about 100 yards, turned into a station and had JUST enough momentum to place myself at the pump...exactly at the pump...no brakes...:beer

The gauge still indicated about 1/8th. I never took it this low before, always filling up when it indicated 1/2, but I got busy and distracted and...ah hell, face it...I blew it.:J

I noticed when I first got it, if I filled the tank, reset the MPG meter and watched the gauge as I, with pleasure, drained the tank, I had used 15 gallons when it indicated 1/2. Since it's a 20 gallon tank, that's not so good.

I bought the service manuals for the 94, and the drawing of the tank show it as being (side view) triangular in shape, bigger at the top and very narrow at the bottom. If that is the real geometry, the 1/2 indication when only 1/4 full matches a linear display of the non-linear effect.

Does anyone know if there is a way to change the programming of the interpretation of the signal from the sending unit?


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