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Fuel shut off.


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Apr 11, 2001
brooklyn n.y. usa
77 with a blown 540 in it.99 convertible all stock
About a week ago the battery in my car ran down as I was doing some work on the car. I boosted it and when it started I got the service column lock alarm and the wait 10 seconds and pull key alarm. When I tried to move the car it died. So the fuel shut off at 2 mph.
I tried removing the fuses and waiting 15 minutes no luck. I removed the K harness that was put there for the recall and hooked it back up stock.. no luck. I disconnected the battery overnight...no luck.

I bought a CLB from corvettes of dallas and hooked it up.. no luck.

What is my next option. The car is a 99 automatic.
Sounds like it could be a bad battery, have it fully charged and then load tested to see if it is in good health.
It's not a bad battery. The battery is charged to 12.25 volts and at idle there is 14.7 volts. The battery going low that time affected the Column lock and the fuel shutoff.
12.25 is to low, anything below 12.7 can and most of the time will cause the message. Checking the voltage when running is useless as far as the column lock because all the check functions take place as soon as the key is inserted into the ignition. As said above recharge the battery and try again.
I won't be able to check it now for a few days. I removed the PCM to send to a tuner to have the fuel shut off modified from 2 mph to 200 mph.

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