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going to pick up my 92


robert kirk

just bought a 92 coup auto polo green 82000. picked it up for 10500. car looks great. my 71 was sad by its self so i thought it needed a girl friend. i can't believe how nice this thing rides. i thought my 71 handled great this car is outstanding on the highway. the only problem is the radio antena [SP?] won't go up and down. you can hear the motor run but no movement. any ideas on whats wrong? is it hard to replace? let me know what you think. robert
A blast from the past

Congrats on your new addition. Polo Green, is it Saddle Tan interior? That is a wicked combination.. :D

Here is an old post that discusses the power antenna in pretty good detail. Just click HERE for the details. ;)

yes its a tan interior, leather both driver and pass seat are power. this car is outstanding. my 71 is fun but this car has road manners that are hard to believe. my son went with me to pick it up he drove it back hasn't stop grinning yet. robert

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