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Group Discount: Limited Edition Diecast Corvette Trailer and Shop Set


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Sep 16, 2000
New Hampshire
1990 Corvette ZR-1
From the company:

We have created two different Limited Edition (only 3,000 made) 1:18 Corvette Tool Sets with trailer included. This is a must have for any Corvette Connoisseur. The colors available are Yellow and Red.
The items are in and ready to ship! Order now for assured Christmas Delivery.

If enough people are interested, the company has agreed to offer the following group discount:

Yes we will workout a quantity price for you, it goes like this:
8pc. $27.75
16pc. $26.00
48pc. $24.25
If you are interested, let me know here.
Count me in. :upthumbs

- Eric
The timing is just wrong for me; I've got too many other things on, or will be on, my shopping list already to concern myself with model cars now. If it's still available in the future, I'd think about it. ;)

Good lookin' out for us Rob. :upthumbs

Come on now, I can't be the only one that thinks this is really cool.

- Eric
I count 6 people that are interested in this. Two more, and you can get the group discount for 8 people.

CSCARLSON, there is no 48 piece set. The discount applies for 48 individual sets.


Rob, do you know if it comes in any other color? If it comes in black, count me in.
Lou, the CR5 is only raced in yellow/white livery correct? :confused

Rob, do these people have the car available as well? Will the CACC benefit if I bought it through them, or should I just buy it wherever I find it? :confused


I was thinking more along the lines of putting my 1:18 Ertl white 62 on that trailer:)

The CACC does not get any kind of a benefit from the sales. They merely offered us a group discount for our members. That was it.
Re: HMMmmmm.....

Rowdy1 said:
I was thinking more along the lines of putting my 1:18 Ertl white 62 on that trailer:)

I'm with you Lou, I'm gonna put my little Mako on there. :upthumbs
- Eric
I'm In

I'll do one, I'll paint the trailer black, I have to paint the hardtop black on my ERTL anyway.

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