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GS spotted near Camarillo CA


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Dec 27, 2000
Florence, SC (Timmonsville SC)
71 War Bonnet Yellow VERT 71 BH Blue CPE (SOLD)
Just returned from Camarillo CA area. A few days ago, while getting onto the 101 South, there was a blue w/white stripes (GS I assume) getting on ramp about 10 cars ahead. I wanted to get up to take a look. All for naught .... I was driving a 4 banger rental ... man that GS got gone in a hurry ... like a bullet ... just disappeared in heavy traffic. Some lucky GS'er has one FAST ride!

The only thing my Alero could catch was a fellow w/ pearl white '74 cpe that was sidelined at an ARCO w/ water pump leak. Between he, his cell, his wife (in 2'nd car) and his on-board tools... he had it well in hand ...'bout all I could add was to inform of need to seal wp bolt threads too. BTW, it seems that maybe in So Cal it is unusual for stranger to stop & offer help? We were all stunned that two local chain parts stores did NOT stock wp gaskets for a small block! What I learned was that some folks register cars in NV to avert the CA smog Nazis.

While driving up to Santa Barbara CA, saw a nice black '63 split window fuelie cpe on the 101N (near Montecito) ... I did get a good look as driver was proceeding at "careful pace."

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