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Headers for 81 w/ Vortec heads?


Little Brother

Hi guys,
When I had the 350 rebuilt last winter, I had the heads replaced with Edelbrock E-Tec 170 vortec heads. I have completed break-in with the factory exhaust manifolds and am now ready to buy headers. I believe I have heard that the exhaust port on vortec heads is .4 inches higher on the head than standard heads, so I am worried that standard headers to fit a late model C3 Vette will not drop down enough to clear the floor pan or other clearance problems. Also, Edelbrock and Hedman have both advised that I will need headers specifically designed for vortec heads. Can anyone who has put vortec heads on their Vette provide any insight? If you've done it, please let me know what heads and headers you used.

Little Brother

Headers for 81 w/ Vortec Headers?

Am I the only guy on this site who has upgraded to vortec heads?

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