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headlight switch!!!!

silver 80

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Jul 9, 2001
1980 silver with blk interior 1987 blue / blue
could someone help me out , and tell me how to get the headlight knob and shaft out of the switch:hb it's in an 80 I have the entire dash out and this is the last thing I have to do before I put a new dash in. thanks

Do you want the knob off the shaft, or do you really want the shaft out of the switch? I don't see why you'd want to pull the shaft out.

I've never removed my switch and my Assembly manual does not indicate how to remove the knob. However, I suspect that there is a VERY small clip behind the plastic housing that goes over the shaft. If you have a dental mirror you can probably find it. I've used a paperclip shaped in a "U" to reach back and push the small clip back. This takes the stress off the shaft and the knob should slide off with little or no trouble. Reassembly, just push the knob back on as far as it will go. Hope this helps.

............ Nut
The Shaft

If memory serves
On the switch there is a little push button (looks like a small rivet with a spring underneath)
Push it down..pull out the shaft SLOWLY.

I think..... check it out

Thanks I got it out and your memory is very good..
thanks again for all of the help. Now if the weather holds out I should have my new dash assembly in tomorrow, also bought new speakers , the old ones were all cracked and I guess twenty years of use by diffenrt pilots didn't help.
Looks like your doing the same work I am. The new dashpad is thicker, due to age compression, than the old one. I can get the switch onto on or two of the threads of the screw but can't get the thing on tight enough with a screwdriver so that the shaft of the light switch will secure by that pin. When I pull the knob out the shaft comes out.

Did you have the same problem and if so, how did you overcome it? My initial plan is to put a nut and bolt on it and see if I can get it to stay compressed long enough to overcome this problem.

try using a hair dryer to get the foam more plyable . I had to do this to all of the componets that go into the dash .
The only thing left for me to do is put the center console in after i get a wiring harness for the radio, someone had cut it up to install a very cheap radio. I went and bought the kenwood 800 series and a pair of new 4X6 dash speakers.
I also found that my interior light timer was shorted so I had my wife hook me up with a new one that she built. I'll have to wait and see if that was the problem with my lights not coming on when i opened the door, but it would work when I used the switch.
I'll give that a try. Fortunately the other components are not giving me any problems.

I started out doing the radio and speakers and three months later have added the the tach, the clock, the left lower dash, replaced the center console and still have to make an attempt at the alarm.

I had to get a wiring harness for the radio as well ande got it from Crutchfield's. Where did you get your dash panel from and did you replace the right hand side and the dash panel as well? Ultimately I'm going to have to replace these other two to get a match but don't want to spend the $500 right now. These other two are easy to take in and out where I don't want to have to take the left side out again unless I have to.

Where do you get a wife that does electrical work?:)

I have an 80 and the dash is a one piece . When I got this vette it was sight unseen as I was overseas and bought it over the internet. it's not in too bad of shape for what i paid for it., but it did need rescuing. I got the go ahed to get a create engine this summer, so I'll be visiting sallee chevrolet web site :D
I'm looking at getting the 350/325hp engine. The dash assembly is from Corvette America.

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