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Heighth of car hauling trailer


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Sep 14, 2006
Thompson Falls, Mt
1972- original; 1980 - restomod; 2016 - Z06
I have an '80 vette and want to buy a trailer to haul it to no snow destinations to "cruise" when it is winter at home. I am also a snowmobiler and need a trailer to haul my snowmobile. The deck of a car hauling trailer should be low and snowmobile trailer high (so you can tow it in deeper snow). What is the highest a deck could be for the vette and of course still load it (that is the problem with too high of a deck). Anyone out there had experiences with different highth trailers? It seems to me that too high will cause the nose of the vette to hit the ramp and then where the ramp meets the deck of the trailer, the vette may high center there as the higher the trailer the more acute angle that point will be. Thanks.
Mar 29, 2003
Stafford, VA
1978 L-82 4 speed Pace Car
I can't help you with consumer trailers, but I do know that my 78 Pace Car (low front spoiler similar to yours) fits on a U-haul car hauler trailer (even though U-Haul says it won't).

If you're looking for a higher deck for snow-mobiles, maybe you can make a set of longer ramps to get a better angle when loading the Vette.

Sorry that I can't help more than that.

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