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How to get ready for NCRS judging



Can anyone help me get started? I have a 67 427/400 A/C roadster and need to get the car ready for NCRS judging. I have heard of a judging "book" but do not know where to go and order. Any help out there?
NCRS Juging Guide

You can go to www.ncrs.org web site and enter the publication section, or call 513-385-8526. There will also be a directory for the local NCRS chapter, and a phone number or email address.

Hope this helps!

And while you're there you will need to join NCRS if you want to get involved in their shows. Get the judging manual for your year and the Judging Reference Manual. Also don't be affraid to jump in their Technical Discussion Board with your NCRS related questions. There isn't anything you can ask that someone doesn't know.

Before long you will be showing us your show ribbons.


Don't forget that 82guy got a Top Flight last year.
Oh yeah! I knew there was another member that won something at an NCRS event. Sorry Guy :eek:, and you've been here all along too. We haven't heard from Marc in a while; he might be still cleaning up and re-ordering his life after 9-11. He lives in NYC. :(

_ken :w
I don't get over to this side of the fence often, but everyone else pretty much covered what you need to do. I went in blind and came away with Top Flight, but that's much easier to do in an 82 with a known history than an older car. Join the NCRS, get the judging manual for your year and start with a chapter meet. You will meet a great bunch of folks, have some laughs and get educated. Don't forget your "free" points - NCRS sticker, battery quick disconnect and fire extinguisher. You also get points for miles driven to the meet. Hmmm - maybe I should drive from Boston to Monterey this summer:).


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