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Jul 3, 2001
Auburndale, Florida
1969 Killer Shark
Fender flare and body mount install-step by step pics!!

I changed the name of this thread to better reflect the actual project. Thanks to Dave (TZracer) to trading me out some nice new Hooker sidepipe headers, I am handling a little of his restoration and custom body work.

My buddy wants me to flare his 71 big block coupe with the same flares I put on the 69. He is about 6-8 months behind me on the restoration/customization frame off job. He offered to buy me a new set of big block hooker sidepipes in exchange for the flare work. Well, they came in yesterday along with a fresh new aluminum big block radiator, so it looks like the flare job is on!

So, with you approval (please let me know if you want this) I can start next weekend posting step by step photos of how to do the flare job with this thread.

Are you guys interested in that?
Long time listener, not really first time caller. I have really been impressed following along your project. I'm so ready to move into the full scale version and out of the 1/25th scale I can almost taste it.

I give it :upthumbs
flare job like this one?

check out picture in my other post ... "just wanted to say hi"
Chris did you get the painted or chrome sides, just curious!
Also want to know if you replace the existing tires on your car size for size why would the new ones be 1 1/2" to 2" taller. This is a new one on me. Tread width is at least 1/2" wider also making a full 12" footprint so I now have 2 feet of rubber back there
What were you planning on sticking under those flairs of yours?

Sweet ride. That is one bright yellow machine, and yes, those are the same basic kinds of flares.


I am a ways out from the tire selection process still. I am thinking in the freaky 335 ZR 35 range in a 17 or 18" rim. I hear what you are saying about height vs. width. I hope to open that chapter of the process up in three or four months or so. My car is on hold for just a tad until I can get Dave's 71 together to some degree. I am doing the painted header and lower side pipe and getting it ceramic coated silver. The side pipe will be chrome.

I just talked to Dave, and we are going to haul his carcus parts over after church today. So, I will get some pics up. The biggest problem with his car is the factory mud flap flare that the 68-69 does not have. He wants me to chop that out and make it look like a 8-9. Don't see a big problem with that, it will just require more hand work.
Chris.... I know its to late for your 69 but the addition of a running board between the flares is not only unique but provides the barrier between your legs & the Hookers.
I was considering some new rims as the Westerns have seen there better days so went looking for a set that would support some wide baloneys. Its a maze of height versus width/offset.
So I postponed not to mention a major $$$$$ outlay. Bought a new set of BFG's to burn up but the size difference was amazing. I thought a 305/50-15 from the same company would be exactly the same size. I can handle the width but am not happy with the height!

Chris...I'll exchange you some custom Trailing arm rebuild pics for your custom flare pics ok?
" Sidepipes......."

Chris. Sounds like you might be close to getting "BAFFLED". Couldn't resist!! If you ever want to hear the baffles in action, I've got a customer in Orange Park. By the way do you know anybody who has a good used set for a small block? Know someone who is. Thanks, JCL:cool
The project begins

Okay folks, don't let the following picture scare you. Dave has been working very hard on this car and has the rolling chassis nearly complete. This pic shows Dave with what is left of his car on my trailer. His body frame was pretty rotten, so after some custom welding work, a trip to the powder coater, and now my handi work, this will be a shark again.

I will start by gluing and riviting the body frame back into the rear clip. Then the rocker panels, then the firewall. After that I can set it back up on the wooden dolly and start the flares.
Tell us all something Chris. Why don't you just quit your insurance gig and start full-time in the restoration business?

It's obvious from what we know of you here that you are very good at what you do :upthumbs, and we also know the time it takes to undertake these projects. :eek So how can you possibly have enough time in your day to do what you want to do (and also do what Nikki wants to do ;)), and stay healthy? :L

_ken :w
That would be cool. Playing with other people's money and cars all day. Then again, I think if I HAD to do it, the hobby would become a job.

I just enjoy the adventure. It is like putting back together a life sized puzzle.

Dave is an awesome fellow. If you see the finishing photo of the Dale Earnhart Corvette at last years Rolex 24, you will see Dave's GT-1 car with the nose missing just a few car lengths behind Earnhart.

He teaches at the same School as Nikki and is a real automotive fanatic. He is doing some mods to his 71 Big Block car that are going to blow your mind. He is all about performance, handling, and light weight strength. Everything on his car is powder coated and he has drilled holes in all the brackets. His frame is welded solid with extra braces where it counts.

He is not much for hanging out on the computer, so we don't see much of him around CAC.

I spent many many extra hours on my fender flares adding lips to the inside like a stock look. He wants his left alone with that pure race look. Hey, that is okay with me because it will take a few less hours.
When the job is no longer fun, it is not the job you want, but it sounds like it is something you enjoy doing, and there are lot's of people willing to pay for the restoration work...

You'll just have to limit the clientele or the amount of business that you want to undertake. With something like this you could even start from your garage. Of course you'd have to stick your own vehicles outside while you work on other people's cars. ;)

Just a thought... :w
Body frame installed

Please note the next several photos depict the body frame being installed into the car. We did all this tonight.

The first pics show how the body frame goes into the body. After that we had to glue and rivit the two together. The next couple of shots show where I have bonded the fiberglass rockers back into the car, and finally the firewall. We put it up on the wooden dolly that I made for the 69. This is where it will sit while I do the rear flares.
This is a shot of something you may never see. This is the inside portion of the upper roll bar area. The upper part of the body frame gets glued into this spot.
Now we have hoisted the body to the dolly. Dave and I lifted it up in the air while Nikki rolled it under.
Okay, time to call it a night. We rolled the 69 back in the garage for the night.

Next step will be putting the door jambs back in, then we are going to roll it over on its side to degrease and pressure wash the belly............then I will start the flares.
Chris...does Dave's car already have small rear flares on it? Please keep us posted on your work on the new flares. I'm very interested in doing my own too. Lots of pics.

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