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You make a great point, three black big block monsters. How about the Black Rats!
I have a full set of the ZL-1 fender flares. That are more panels then just the lips, and was wondering if they are harder to put on then those were ? They are also going on a 71.
What size rims and tires are you planning on putting on ??
We have no idea what size tires we planning on running yet.

Those other flares you mention look easier to install. Those are the kind that go up higher on the fender.........right?

Post some pics. We would enjoy seeing them.
I would say the ZL-1 flares are not harder to put on just different and may allow you to do different positioning more easily. However, the style that we used might be easier to blend into the original '71 bodywork.

We will use at least 12" wide rims, maybe 14's in either 16, 17 or 18" diameter depending on tire availability. As big as we can fit...probably only 12" wide in the front.

Chris might be better able to answer your question about the flare installation since he's the one that did it. All I did was set him up with a couple of Hookers.
HighlyFanatic said:
i cant believe i read the whole thing :D

I know you had to weed through a lot of other stuff, but I hope some of those details helped out.

Dave should have the pictures on his homepage, or in some form he might be able to send you. The pictures really explain more about the process.

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