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Great shots Chris! Hows it feel doing this again & did it go better this time:w
This is great information. Keep it up. Appreciate you sharing it with us.

Could you point to the places where the bonding material is or where metal connects to glass.


I have to thank Chris for getting me into this project. I have enough trouble keeping the race car together. With Chris' help, things went together better and faster than I imagined they might.

Speaking of race cars, here is a shot of the new Corvette that one of our last year's drivers ran at the Rolex 24 Hrs. this year. He didn't have much luck though.

This is the door jamb cover glued back in. Please note that when you do this job, it will come out better if you spent plenty of time and trouble seperating the jamb to include as much of the inner bonding flap as possible.
Yamafan, look close here. This will show you where the floor can be cut to seperate the firewall. In this pic I have ground it clean and am ready to glass it back together. There is a factory seam very close to this cut, but very hard to get to seperate on these older models that have fiberglass floors.
Here is a great comparison of the before/after. We rolled the 71 close to the 69 so you can see the projected finished look of the flare.

Okay, next pics should be of the car upside down while we degrease and pressure wash the belly. Set to do that rain or shine Thursday night.

After that, we should get down to business on the flare install.
I wonder how I'm going to handle that when the time comes Chris. ;)

_ken :w
Handle what??? Putting flares on the 87 or cleaning the floor board :confused

Body rolled over

Here is the rear clip rolled on one side. Dave soaked the belly with degreaser and scrubbed with a stiff brush. While he was doing this I worked on getting the pressure washer fired up. It has been sitting for about a year and had some old stank gas in it.
"Dave, you should take a few moments and post some kind of blurb in this thread about yourself and where you want to see this car go. From, 69MyWay"

I'll just be happy to see it going, again... anywhere!

I'm going to post a couple of pictures of mods we made to the frame.

The first one is a b/4 shot of the rusty window frame. Make sure your tetnus shot is up to date b/4 attempting repairs.

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