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"i Need Trim Molding"



Some of you know that I have been doing a body restoration on my 84. Now that I am starting to put it back together I am without the Trim Molding (all 13 pieces). The trim molding that I pulled off was distroyed either by the previous owner or I did it in getting it off the car.
If youve never taken this molding off before the nuts freeze to the stud and when you try to remove the nut the stud spins on the back (inside) of the molding. From that point it is a rip, snort and tear mode of operation. In some cases I had to use the cutting grinding wheel to get it off.
I have tried to order new only to find out that the two rear pieces on the back bumper are discontinued. I don't really want to mix old with new.
So If anybody has an old 84, 85 or 86 that is sitting in their backyard rotting away and you have good molding I will take it off your hands. PLEASE???

Please contact me via my email jet4rs@mediaone.net or at work simpsonrc@navair.navy.mil

I'm in need PLEASE Someone? Oh by the way Florida has no corvette grave yards.

Bob w/jet4rs :hb
I saw an ebay message here earlier that had a ton of C4 parts listed. ;)

_ken :w

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