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I propose a new law.........


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Jun 12, 2002
Tucson, AZ USA
1990 Convertible
About once a year my hubby and I drive about 50 miles to this little town and pester this a--hole that has a 66 convt vette sitting outside (and a 69 as well), wasting away, trying to get him to sell it and he just won't do it. We have been pestering this guy now for about seven years and he still won't budge. No tarp, no carport, nothing. Just sitting there withering away.

So, I propose a NEGLECT law that will allow us to just go and take the darn thing. Hell, we have a couple of shells of older chevies and I can't stand them to sit outside for more then two days! How can someone let such a beautiful car go to waste like that. Pity.....

Do any of you know where a 63 - 67 conv project car is for sale? This is the only other vette we need to complete our collection. We only buy project cars though - putting them back together is all the fun!!


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Jan 5, 2002
Santa Barbara CA
63 roadster project
Some places already have those laws.... except they don't give the car to you or me, they haul them to the crusher.

Obviously the guy thinks he'll get around to restoring the car(s) at some point, so just let him have his dream. He knows how to contact you if he gives up the dream. His call, let him alone, there are plenty of other C2's out there, find another one to rescue.

Some people restore 'em

Some people drive 'em

Some people show 'em

Some people crash 'em

Some people race 'em

Some people streetrod 'em

Some people cut 'em up and make monstrosities while trying to improve 'em

Some people make 'em perpetual projects

Some people neglect them

The LAST thing we need is MORE laws telling us what we can or can't do with our own property.

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