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I'm a new poster!



Hello, I've looked at this site for years and had my picture as Vette of the month a couple of years ago.

Since the "improvements to CF" I can no longer look at the forum -do to our company firewall. It's odd because I can look at the main page and articles.

I never did fix my home page that I started on CF. It needs text editing. But take a look anyway!


Welcome To The Corvette Action Center gkull!

:upthumbs That's a good lookin' Vette George! :upthumbs
Hi George

Welcome to the CACC family. I'm sure you'll enjoy it here!
Wavin' at ya!
Silver /Heidi
Hey George,

Welcome to the forum! Actually by your post you might be under the impression this forum is part of my site, I have nothing to do with it other than being a member here. The site is run by Rob, and used to be CorvetteNH.com. It's a good forum and it's nice and civil here with a good bunch of people.

Glad to see you made it over, as always love the green speed-demon!

Green Machine

Great looking vette. You really put some time and bucks into that one. Nice backround too. We have some mountains here too.,b ut most are less that 50 feet above sea level.

Scott81 - I knew this was just a link.

I've decided after installing a stutter box 2 stage rev. limiter and line lock. That my poor reaction times (.560+) are never going to win drag races. Also the thrill is not there. There is always someone faster so I just have a street legal machine. My only motor upgrades have been a switch to the 825 CFM Race Demon.

I needed around 550 hp so that carb and 238/246 112lc .635/.644 lift were required to meet my goal. Desk top dyno gives it 579 hp. I did go with other goodies like thermal coated pistons, chambers, and exhaust valves. So if DD rates high your supposed to get some extra out of the high tech coatings. The heads bench flow 306 cfm at .600. I have my rev limiter set at 7600.

Another high tech thing is the Art Carr 700R4. Made of a combo of 850 & 650 HP parts with a 3000 stall 9.5 three disk lockup converter. In auto the shift it is set for 6500 on a dyno.

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