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Input Request: SLP Hyperblack 17x8's from CorvetteAmerica


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Dec 30, 2002
Dallas County, Texas
'75 Modified Red Ragtop: "LEFTLN"
With the overdrive now installed and having passed 160 a half dozen times and the back tires being worn anyhow, it's time to upgrade to some Z, W or Y rated numbers and these are sparce indeed on the anvil weight steel 15x8 ralleys on there now.

I've been looking for some "cheapy" 17 or 18" that do not require me to yet put in flares or offset arms (which are both in the future of course.) I had a deal going for some buzzsaws off a '94 for $300 from a buddy (why I couldn't only give him the $150 they should go for) - but my vette shop said the rims were a little soft for bad roads and they would need $350 of adapters from VBP anyhow.

The adapters seem to be needed for the TT2's as well, although I couldn't get that confirmed from the threads I read - but they run $850-1100 anyhow.

These go for $700 a set, from either CA or SLP direct and need no adapters. They are new products for CA and I had to talk to SLP directly.

These "hyperblacks" are 17x8", aluminum, weighing 24# and have cast centers and unknown rim composition (from the salesrep.) As far as styling I am unimpressed - they are gunmetal painted with black painted sides. That looks alright on a ponycar, but I'd sooner they were solid chrome or just brushed. (If I cared enough about that I could get them plated form a decent shop for $25-40 ea....but I don't...)

Anyhow, I sort of am planning on the maxperf summer Michelin 255/45YR17's for these (I forget the specific name - TireRack has them for about $1K a set,) as I have liked the Pilot VGT's on the current setup.

I'd appreciate any input on these or experiences/rumors on other SLP products. I am not familiar with them, being more used to Weld and American Racing and such.
You don't need adapters for the TT2's if you buy the right part number. # 5057861. 17x8 with 4" backspace clear the calipers perfectly. I just bought mine with z rated Fuzion zri tires for $1700 total. Tires were about $110 each included in this total. I bought mine a local shop, but you can beat it online.
Thanks for that! First time I got that clearly....

I'll put the TT2's back on the menu!

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