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Installing a New Clutch assembly



Hi all on the CACC.
Ive been away for months, glad to be back and see the C3 forum has grown and is thriving.

Ill be installing a new clutch assembly this week. During my research phase I came across an interesting difference of opinion regarding the pilot bushing or bearing.
Initially, the words of wisdom were " by all means go to the dealer and get the GM upgrade roller bearing(about $12) and use it in place of the Oil impregnated Bushing that comes with the GM clutch kits!
The reason being the bushing wears out, and the bearing doesnt.
Then, a week ago I happened across an long time GM service manager that said "not so". because in some cases the bearing can lose its grease packing(slung out or got too hot from the motor) then the bearing dries out and becomes toast!! He said he saw this happen many times, and mentioned that if the clutch assembly is in alignment, and stays that way like its supposed to, the grease impregnated bushing will never wear out.
This makes sense to me.
But Id like to hear Any comments about this issue from you guys??
Whatcha think??

I'll be starting the replacement tues.


69, Sorry I can't help out on your question, but since my 80 has 89k on what appears to be the original clutch, I'll be interested to hear the answer.

Good luck!

Steve :w


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Jul 3, 2001
Auburndale, Florida
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Glad you made it back from your adventure in one piece. You have been living my dream, wind in your hair, exhaust screaming in your ears, and smiles by the mile...........

Well, not that I am an expert, or whatever, but I ran a standard bushing in mine. Did I do a lot of reasearch first....no, just that I have been running those for ages with no worries.

I really don't think it will matter either way.

Have fun! I had my trans in and out a couple of times last Sunday with the help of TZracer. It really goes fast with a helper.

Make sure if you don't have a lift that you put some spare wheels or something underneath the rear and front of the car to hold it off of you in the event you shove a little hard on the trans and knock it off the jackstands. I like to lay a spare set of 1985 Vette wheels and tires on their side, and slide one under the front X member, and one under the diff when I know I am going to be twisting, pulling, torquing on the car.
Jan 1, 2002
Washington, Michigan
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I think the guy is talking off the top of his head; GM designed and released that needle roller pilot bearing specifically for use with their truck diesels, which typically run 100,000-200,000 miles between overhauls, and diesel owners don't take kindly to teardowns any more frequently than that to replace $12.00 bearings. I've used them for years and have never had a problem; their long-term durability is better than the bronze bushings, or GM wouldn't have specified them only for diesels to begin with.


Thanks Guys..
I think Ill toss a coin :). Im satisfied its not going to ever be a problem either way during this new clutchs lifetime.

OOps..non tech stuff after this..forgive me again Robb ;worship

Yeah Chris, all that is what happened ,when putting some 8K roadmiles on my vette.Every day is a new adventure with Lots of smiles, lots of trials.

I had no crashes(one guy bumped me from behind at a signal light in santa cruz,no damage) .

As you know I did alot of repairs while traveling, she always got me to a convenient place to hold up and make repairs before heading off again.
I did rebuild the holley on the ground, and replaced the drivers rear caliper(the seal kit didnt work on that one) on the side of the road also, but other than that Everything was done in good shops. I wasnt ever desperate, so didnt get ripped off by any quacks!!

A few people mentioned that I Reminded them of the old "route 66" tv show , Buzz and Todd cruising the southwest in a early 60's vette ..Hahaa.

Im still looking forward to seeing you and Bud, Blackdog, and others at sharkfest. Ill see when the time comes , it would definitly make this year complete if Im able to pull it off?

Say Hi to Nikki for me


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