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Intermittent PO410 code help


New member
Aug 8, 2020
Hello everyone. New member here,thanks for having me! Wife's 2003 has had po410 set once last fall and yesterday...you can clear it and it doesn't come right back...one time was right after startup, yesterday though, was during a hard highway run and after 60 miles or so..25K miles, only mod is Borla cat backs...I'll probably start with easy stuff, i.e. relay and fuse? looks like pass check valve is a *****....no other codes or issues.........thanks for the help!
My 03 will pop this code once in a while, Usually after it has not been started for extended periods of time. (3-6 weeks) I clear it out and it don't come back till the next time I let it set for awhile , Sometimes not then!;shrug;shrug;shrug
Thanks,Junkie!! sounds just like hers..it's mostly a show car, and club trips....anybody else?? I'll take all the ideas I can get!
Listen to Junkie....he knows what is going on! :happyanim: And he's even right, some times.......No, not really, he IS one of the good guys here. ;LOL

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