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Just installed my MSD 6a Module whoopee..



Just installed my MSD 6a Module ..

If you'd like to see some pics and description of the installation go to this link..
Ill be putting in the MSD probillet distributor w/ tach drive after work tomorrow. I hope it starts up OK :confused
Any comments, Good ,Bad, Ugly, are welcome..But Im not going to redo it:D


I'll be watching for the distributor installation. I'm installing an Accel sometime this week.
Good looking mounting on the MSD box.
Nice installation Tom. Corvette Fever did this a few months ago and claim the improvement was significant. I'll be installing one in Project C10-R before it hits the road. Keep us posted on the distributor.

What model Accel will you use ... HEI ... or other?

I'm RED with envy ... really like that MSD distributor choice ... I just can't hack the price right now (though I did finagle a box). Good luck!
Heh..heh.. Thanks Jack,
Yeah I got everything in my hot hands, but Im going to hold off awhile before pulling my mallory dual point, seems I gotta lot to learn yet before Im confident of the swap, Possibly next weekend Ill pull the mallory and put in the probillet.

I am going to start calling you Sparky, cause you got the good stuff going on.

I just ordered my ignition stuff last week. Going with the MSD 6AL, Blaster Coil, and Petronics electronic conversion to convert my distributor to electronic. With the Fuel injection I will be tossing the vacuum can out.

I think I will mount my 6AL either right about where you did, or across that shaved flat section of the firewall.

Nice work!

Jack - My Accel is a standard replacement HEI distributor model, about 140.00 from the mail order places. It wasn't my first choice but the price was right, my buddy has had it sitting in his garage, brand new, for 10 years. I cleared some junk out of my garage er... traded him some stuff for it. I bought a shim kit to shim the vertical travel in the unit. It had as much travel as my old distributor.
At some point I'm going to have to go to a multispark unit but I don't want to add stuff all over the car to do it. Maybe if a fully sealed unit is developed that can go in the wiper tray I'll be swayed.
Racer78 said:
Hi Chris,

What's happening witht e 69myway projext?


I hope to paint it in the next week or so........then the electrical, then the engine. Engine parts are on the way. I love that UPS truck!
I've seen MSD boxes mounted under the instrument panel, out of sight, with the wires routed through an existing hole and grommet in the firewall.

Hi Chris,
was wondering where you were:TALK
You start calling me "sparky" Ill start calling you "Mod Man" or something like that:L
Yep thats an appealing choice youve made. I say that, because if the 6al fails(and they do I hear!) you can just wire back to the coil and off you go. Not so with my full MSD conversion. Id have to have a replacement module handy, or pull the MSD and reinstall the old setup. I cant afford a backup module, so either way I would have to get towed home...aargh. I may save up and stash another module behind the seat, to be safe. As you know, I go on and plan to go on some pretty hefty journeys
Im going to post some pics of the probillet and the stuff thats used to tailor it to any app. Today. But its real important that my car be running this weekend so Ill put the distributor in next week. Dont want to risk something not working and the car be down with me scratching my head looking at it :gap

I mounted my 6al box under the dash on the passenger side, completely out of the way and unseen. I routed the wires through an existing grommet on the same side which is perfect given where the battery is on the 62.
mounting alternative

I mounted mine inside the windshield wiper section on the firewall passenger side. It's away from heat, plug wires and EMI as well as the weather. I was able to hide all the wires in existing conduit. Nice clean install.
Hooked the battery lead to the starter and used my Petronix distributor and HEI coil sans module.
Whole job took less than 4 hours. No problems, better response, smoother idle and cruise. Less HC emissions and I was able to lean out the idle circuit significantly with no adverse effects.
By mounting it vertically on the firewall it is approximately 1" off the bottom of the windshield well. If you get more than an inch of water you have taken a right turn into a lake.

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