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Leaky driver door window


Jan 21, 2002
Jacksonville , NC
1980 L82 red coupe
I have been trying to isolate a leak on the driver side window of my 80 vette. replaced the outside rubber but when it rains water finds its way inside the door, between the inside door pannel and down into the floorpan, sometimes enough to leave 1/2" of water. I have tried to seal the window but to no avail. Any assistance would be a life saver. bob
One trick is to pressurize the cabin. Close all windows,turn on a/c max. Cabin will pressurize if seals are good. Wash with soapy solution around all openings. You'll find leak where air is escaping.
Thanks, found the leak I think... from the forward top of the window. Will have to adjust the window for a better seal. Thanks again. Bob

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