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Oct 19, 2002
Redlands, Ca.
05 black cpe-Porsche GT3
I've called a few muffler shops locally trying to find opinions on what would be the best system (cat back) for my 2005 C6 coupe. It seems no one handles the Borla system. A very old and reputable shop in my area swears by Magna FLow. (Fit and finish, ease of installation etc.)
I'm not familiar with the Magna Flow product at all.

Any opinions or suggestions would be appreciated. They want $1560.00 for the system installed.


Cat-back exhaust

You are going through what I agonized over for about 6 months (I special ordered my car and waited 7 months for it). Which exhaust to buy? You don't know what it will sound like until it is installed and THEN what are you going to do if you don't like it? Take it out and try to return it only to shop for another with the same agonizing question?

I have an 06 w/auto paddle shift. I got the Corsa exhaust. My only complaint is that it is too quiet from the drivers seat. From the observers point of view, it is a super sound. It rumbles and growls and sounds like a 400 cu in performance V8 should sound like. If you have a stick shift, the sound of a Corsa exhaust will be different from what I have. I would guess the sound would be better because you could hear it go through the gears. Corsa put in an extra sound processor (muffler? they call it a resonator) with the automatic because they were getting a resonence (spell?) in the cockpit. I picked the Corsa because they were the only manufacturer that did something special for the automatic - I thought that said something about their customer commitment. Am I spelling any of this ryght?

Corsa has a web site where you can listen to their exhaust sound: It is www.corsaperf.com/c6.htm. Go about 1/2 the way down the screen until you find 2 sets of yellow dots numbered 1 - 5. Run your pointer over the numbers.

Magna Flow also has a web site: www.magnaflow.com and you can listen to their sound too. I believe Magnaflow has been around for years and is a well trusted name.

I had my system installed by a local muffler shop and they did a great job. They were also the shop that does muffler work for our local "auto row" (i.e. Chevy, Ford, Toyota, and about three more).My suggestion to you is to talk to your local Chevy repair shop and ask them if they have their muffler work done elsewhere. Most car dealers do. If they do, you know you'll be getting a good referral. If they don't, I would go find another dealer until I got one that has their work contracted out and has a positive referral. I would not have the work done at the dealer just based on cost, however most dealer repair shops do excellent work. It's a crap shoot.

I like my Corsa exhaust and would buy it again. It looks excellent from the back (obviously - hard to see from the front) and the tips are a bit larger than stock. Every once in awhile I have my wife drive the car and drive past me standing on the sidewalk. Gotta do it. Love the sound.

Lastly, I live in Washington (state, not D.C., not the person) but bought the system from West Coast Corvettes, Placentia, CA (888)737-8388. They are also on the Web - reasonable prices and they got the system to me when they said they would. All sales people I talked to there seemed to be well informed.
For Chr---- sake. I wrote a book. Hope you got through it all.
Good luck!


Varoom, which Corsa system did you get? Was it the touring or sport system? Like you, I've been agonizing for a long time. I have an 06 vert and I drive it as much as I can. I'm seriously considering the Corsa Touring System for the A6. I'm acutely sensetive to drone at highway speeds. Does the Corsa system for automatics really provides a solution to the drone issue while still sounding good?



Corsa exhaust on 06 Automatic

Varoom, which Corsa system did you get? Was it the touring or sport system?
Sport. 4 exhaust tips. Am very happy w/it. Can't hear much from the cockpit, and there is definitely no drone. It is quiet (at the cockpit) at cruise speed but puts out a whollop when you get on it -- which I never do...
My wife says she can hear it a block away when I'm coming home. In the immortal words of The Big Bopper, "Baby, you know what I like."


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Jan 8, 2004
Cape Coral, FL
'96 coupe (Torch Red), '85 4+3 coupe (flat black)

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