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May 23, 2001
1985 Bright Red Rocket
Ok when I start "Haunted" (thats my plate to hehe) Its runs like a bag of well you know what like it fires up like RIGHT now but until the Oil temp AND coolant temp get off the LO sign it feels like its on Choke or something

Ok a guy description

700-1500 Rpm (chug chug chug vroom chug....)

1500-3000 Rpm ( CHUG CHUG CHUG )

3000-Up Rpm ( feels ike Secondarys open up ) and NO Problems runs like a Rabid Race Horse

I heard something about some sensors and I had my Computer just replaced along with the Throttle sensor so thats fine

Whaassup with that???
:mad :r :eek
Unplug your Mass airflow sensor, if it runs better you have a problem with it or the burn off module. If not, you need more help than I can give you here. Could it be the coolant temp sensor?
Questions please

HI there,
Well, from what you are experiencing, do the rpms stay high, and idle above 1000???
Have you access to a scan tool???
I kindof suspect a vacum leak of some kind??
This would make it run the way that you describe.
Please let us know what you have?????
Best toyou, c4c5
Ok Ill have to go check for the Vaccum Leaks and do the MAF thing

It Idles of start up around 650rpm Like Normal just when I press the gas its feels like its on choke but Like I said when the Coolant temp is OFF LO and Oil temp Off LO it runs like a dream

So this Is just off the initial start up (when cold)

And no I dont have a scan tool guess Ill go to GM for a plug in I guess
Oh yeah and off Cold start up there is a distinct Gas smell from pipes (Its quite fumey) Mabe that'll help with whats going on
Ok, try this

Hi Red,
YOur next course of action should be a throttle position sensor check, to see if the voltage is correct, not that it is bad, just that your voltage wave is correct, .54 at idle, to 4.5 to 5 at WOT.
As for the fuel smell, this could be that an injector, or injectors is leaking.
Just for kicks, remember that your temp reading on your gauge, is NOT the same as the one for your PCM. So you may not have a correct signal to the pcm.
Let us know what you have ,c4c5

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