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Mint one owner 2008 Z06!!!


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Apr 3, 2003
2008 VR ZO6
I have finally talked myself in to parting with my Z06. I ordered this car from McMulkin and it has spent its life mostly as a garage queen and frequenting car shows. This car has almost never failed to take a best in show in class trophy right up until 2 weeks ago so that should say a lot about its condition. It has never been raced and has never even ever been brought up to full redline. The car has 10401 miles on it now.

it has the original heads as I have never found anyone here in Florida I trust enough to pull them and replace the way I want it done, so I am leaving that to the next owner. At least you get to pick exactly how you want it done rather than trusting that someone else did it right or not. The motor however is incredibly quiet for an LS whether that makes much difference at all in regards to the valve issue. The one thing for sure is that this car has never been beat on ever. The car has not been modded from original with the exception of an MGW shifter ( I still have original in box ) and a few cosmetics like a 2012 steering wheel and airbag with Z06 logo and upgraded leather shifter boot, handbrake boot and armrests done by Apiusa in original stock design with red stitching in Napa leather. I believe I still have the originayls. I also put a set of Michelin PS2 run flats on about 2 years ago and maybe have 2000 miles at most on them. I also have a skip shift eliminator on it and a Mild to Wild switch. Other than that she is just as it rolled oout of the factory. I know it means little to most on here and is the source of jokes, but this car has never seen a drop of rain since I have taken possession of it. So it’s as perfect underneath as it is on top. Still has the new car smell, and is a non smoking car of course. There may be a few, but certainly not many original one owner low mileage Z’s out there for sale as nice as this one but there is a reason this one has taken as many trophies in shows as it has. Maybe 30 trophies or close to it, most being best of show in class. Car is in Naples Florida is anyone interested is nearby.
I am looking for 39500 without B92 Carbon Hood shown in pics
Car has that hood on it now and is shown in pics, but will be sold with standard hood with 427 emblems. I will let the hood go with the car at an additional 2500 if wanted as I have a lot more than that in to it with the paint, which is a flawless match.
i got a C7 back in October and really having two Corvettes in my garage and me being the only driver makes no sense at all and the convertible makes a better Florida car for me really. I have to wind down and will probably sell my 33 Plymouth coupe also. Too many toys. I paid cash for this car when I ordered it and I hold the title. There has never been a lien on it and the car fax is perfect as it has never had an issue or accident. It is a 2LZ car.
And to clarify things again, the carbon hood is seperate from the sale. It can be purchased with the car, but the standard hood is the one coming with the car. If interested the hood can be included for 2500. Putting the price at 42000, as I have much more than than into that hood with paint and emblems which is a flawless match E1E55EC2-8349-4834-804A-1AA38C425F19.jpg0D458AEA-BF2C-403B-8021-C019EAC55CE9.jpg83E458D9-6339-4CB9-85AB-6F8124A57C90.jpg5C343DB7-A9C0-4812-AE67-29EC9A1DC327.jpg


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Nice Z. Good luck with the sale.

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