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Motor Installation


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Apr 19, 2006
Boston, MA
1980 L82 Black/Red
Alright Im down to choosing between two motors. I can get one wholesale, but Im leaning towards the one that I cant get wholesale. Its made by Blueprint engines. Heres the stats on it:
* 4-bolt main block
* Passenger side dipstick
* Square and parallel decked
* Align-honed main bearing bore
* Cylinders honed on computer-controlled machine to within .0002 straightness and roundness
* Cylinders are sonic tested for thickness
Rotating assembly:
* New SCAT cast crankshaft
* Chevy heavy beam rods
* Keith Black hypereutectic pistons
* Hastings moly rings
* Balanced rotating assembly
* Melling high-volume oil pump
* Flat tappet hydraulic lifter camshaft
* Heavy-duty double roller timing set
Cylinder heads:
* New "Vortec" cast iron cylinder heads
* 1.25 in. diameter valve springs
* Hardened retainers and springs
* 2.02 swirl-polished intake valves
* 1.60 swirl-polished exhaust valves
* Hardened pushrods
* Professional Products dual-plane satin finish intake manifold
* Edelbrock 750 cfm carburetor
* MSD distributor and coil
* Professional Products balancer
* Edelbrock 110 gph fuel pump
* Edelbrock satin water pump
* MSD plug wires
* ACDelco spark plugs
* 9.5 to 1 compression
* Chrome steel valve covers
* Brass freeze plugs
* Dyno-tested--and shipped with results
So, my question is if I buy this turn-key engine what else will I need for the installation as far as parts go. What Ive thought of is headers, motor mounts, pulleys, probably all new vacuum lines....anything else? Also, do you think the stock cooling system on a 1980 L82 will cool this 383 stroker? My other question is what do you guys think of this motor? Anybody ever heard of Blueprint, or have any experience with them?

Thanks ahead of time for any advice,
Sounds like you have a pretty decent project going on there.
I like the idea of the vortec heads. I have vortec race heads on my 69 and it's just INSANE!!! With the 202 intake valves and large lift springs. Check to see what the cam specs are and what type of cam? that will be very important for the build. My engine is a 358 stock car motor. But with the fully machined vortec heads I have .550 lift on the intake and about 500+ horse power. Stock vortec max lift is about .480 roughly. So you could go a bit more than stock lift. Atleast .500 if you want a nice old loppy growl

The scat crank is a very good choice but I don't like the Kieth Black pistons. They are a cast piston but have 2 1/2 times more silicon of a standard cast piston. In other words better than cast pistons but not as good as forged.

The H beam rods are also a good choice since it will most likely make atleast 400 HP. But so much could be argued. I like the holley carbs better than the edelbrock, they seem easier to tune and so on. But looks like a decent motor all around.

As far as the radiator goes.... it should be OK for a while, but while you do your cam break in, make sure you have a garden hose handy :) unless it comes pre run
good luck
You will probably need an alternator and brackets. I would not count on the original cooling system. It was designed for an engine of half the power you will be making. that is gonna take a better radiator and maybe fans. You will probably have the radiator out to install the engine, and with what you have already spent, another $400 or so would assure you that your ride isn't in the shop later for something that could have been taken care of earlier. Good luck with the upgrades.

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