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My first ZR-1 experience


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Aug 1, 2001
2003 Z06
I was at work today and noticed a black Corvette that looked different from other C4's. I came up closer and noticed it was a ZR-1 and this was the first time I ever saw a ZR-1. I was looking at the mufflers with a co-worker when the owner of the car came out and said, "Look underneath the car." I looked underneath and was just amazed at the size of his exhaust system. He said that he had a customized fuel injection system along with a Tri-Flow exhaust system.

His comment that really stuck out to me was, "I eat Viper's for lunch and I can do 0-60 in 3.5 seconds." I stood there as he pulled out and he let it rip. He claimed that it was producing 610 HP and my jaw dropped!

I'll have to say that you ZR-1 owners are really lucky guys; those are magnificent machines. I've noticed that the value of the ZR-1 doesn't decrease as dramtically as the C4's or even C5's. You guys are truly an "elite" bunch.
Yo Bullwinkle, I moved this to the ZR-1 forum so it would get more exposure with the ZR-1 crowd. Hope ya don't mind. ;)

ZR-1s ARE cool, eh? :cool
Thank you for getting more exposure for my experience!

And yes, ZR-1's are very cool.
Glad your first ZR experience was cool. It gets better when you're behind the wheel:D
They are really fun cars and I feel real lucky to have one. I was really inspired to get one after I read "Heart of the Beast".

I've noticed that ZR-1's are still selling for prices comparable to prices of new C5's. They stopped making those back in 95', so why are the prices still so high? I'm talking about low mileage ZR-1's that I've seen in the paper advertised for $45,000+. I would really love a ZR-1 because I love the C4 body styles; but I wouldn't want to spend Z06 kind of money on it.

Also, does anyone have the production numbers for each year?

Keep in the mind that the sticker price for a brand new ZR-1 back in 1990 was right around $60,000. By the time 1995 rolled around, the sticker price had creeped up to $70,000. Because of the higher selling price, limited production and exclusivity, the ZR-1s, especially the the 1993-1995s with the second generation LT5 engines (405 vs. 375 hp) are more collectible. Plus, because of the lower production numbers in '93-'95, there are less of them out there compared to the '90-'92s. We have full ZR-1 specs. and production figures here on the Corvette Action Center Web Site. Click on the Specifications link in the upper right hand corner in the blue nav bar on this page.

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