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Question: Need complete exhaust


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Aug 4, 2007
Brampton, Ontario
1981 White
I need a complete exhaust including manifolds. All of the pollution stuff has been unhooked on my car but is still there. What I want to do is remove it all and get some reasonably priced headers and exhaust just to clean it up in there and remove the clutter. Will I have problems if I remove the heat riser valve and any other stuff (that I may encounter)?
If you remove all the smog equipment and keep the ecm you will need the o2 sensor installed in the exhaust. I chose to remove the computer and replaced the distributor and carb. End result is a old school V8 that I can tune.
"...need a complete exhaust", as in, you need the rear section as well?
I have everything from the front Y-pipe to the rear mufflers sitting in my garage. They've been "for sale" for ever now, I've just never really bothered to advertise them much. Are you interested in anything like that?
Thanks, but my stepfather has a guy that did a really good job on his '68 Mustang and gave him a great deal. I'm hoping to get something similar but I wasn't sure what I could get.

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