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Need help adjusting headlight panel


Vette 76

Hi, My right headlight upper panel rubs and sometimes sticks open. I am about to repaint and want to get it adjusted correctly while I am in the primer stage. Are there any adjustment bolts to get the headlight panels centered evenly in the hood openings? I have thought about the 2 bolts that attach the the headlight bucket to the header bar but do not know how to access them. Any suggestions? Thanks so much for any feedback. This is on a 76. Vette 76:confused
You'll have to crawl under the car to access the screws to adjust the headlight door. There are access openings in the underside valance panel that reveal the screws and bolts you'll need to get to in order to accomplish this. Hopefully someone had a picture of this, I can't find one but I'm sure I have one and if I find it I'll post it. You will see two springs and between the two springs there are two adjustment bolts about an inch apart from each other - these adjust the up and down motion and the opening rod. Ahead of all of this you will see two bolts, when loosened you can adjust the alignment of the door.

If I can remember, I'll take a pic of mine in the AM and post it.

Hope this helps!
That concrete in my garage was a little cold this morning so instead of crawling under mine, I searched again for pics elsewhere and found 'em. I guess I was just too tired to see them last night;).

Here's the pic through the hole, click on it to blow it up.

I also scanned the print instructions that go w/ the pic, click here to see them also.

I hope this is what you were looking for. If not, let us know and someone is bound to have done what you're doing. Mine was rubbing when I bought it and that was one of the first things I did, screwed the paint up a little:( until I fixed it.

- Eric

Thanks so much for your help!! That is excactly what I was looking for. It is really impressive that you would take the time to find a pic to send. I really appreciate it. Also, I was installing a luggage rack and am going to drill the holes for it before painting. Problem is , How do you get in between the top of the gas tank and the bottom of the area where the rack is to tighten the bolts attaching the rack to the rear clip. Again, Thanks Vette 76
You're quite welcome, that's what this community is all about - Vette people helping Vette people and if we make a few friends along the way that's just icing on the cake.

I thought of something you'll need to keep an eye on while adjusting. Be sure to check both back corners of the opening while the headlights are raising and lowering, that's when mine were really getting hosed up. I thought all was fine once I got the assembly centered in the opening but it turned out to be rubbing ever so slightly when it opened so I adjusted it farther forward to compensate for the travel.

BTW, be sure to show us some pictures of the repaint when it's done :).

- Eric

Vette 76 said:
Also, I was installing a luggage rack and am going to drill the holes for it before painting. Problem is , How do you get in between the top of the gas tank and the bottom of the area where the rack is to tighten the bolts attaching the rack to the rear clip. Again, Thanks Vette 76

It seems to me that the racks were attached to the deck using Wellnuts. They are a rubber plug with a threaded brass insert that fits in the hole in the deck. When you tighten the mounting bolt the plug swells and can't come back out. GM liked Wellnuts as they used them on many things. Since these racks were dealer installed they had to be done in a fast and easy way so dropping the tank as part of dealer prep was out of the question.

For more info and a picture of a '75 rack installed see this thread.


You will notice that the stands have a wider foot on the bottom against the deck that covers the lip of the Wellnut, or most of it, as some rubber is still visible.

There is another adjustment and or problem area to take consider. On each upper corner of the headlamp assembly there is a shaft axle that the door actually pivots on to open and close. There is a bushing assembly on each shaft for a total of four per entire car.

There is a nylon bushing in a aluminum housing. This housing is held on by three bolts per side. The bushing housing is sloted so that you can raise, lower, move forward, back, etc. the entire pivot assembly. You need to grab the lamp and see if there is excessive play in the upper (closer to the hood) area and replace the bushings if needed. They are available aftermarket from places like Paragon. Otherwise, you might want to not only make adjustments as pointed out by Eric, but also check this area.

Good luck.
Thanks again You Guys are great!!

Again thanks so much for the info. It has been extremely helpful!! With only 2 1/2 inches between the top deck and the gas tank I had really been stumped on how to attach my new luggage rack (that came with no instructions!). You guys are great. This is a great forum.:) I will keep in touch when we get it painted. It will be base coat clear coat mille miglia red (pre 76 red color but I really like it) I am also putting a new black interior kit in it. What are some good and reasonably priced vendors for carpet and panels etc. and any threads that I can go to for enhanced instruction. Sorry to keep adding questions ;help Vette 76
Just look at the very top of the screen where it says PORTAL. Click there and begin your search. Rob has assembled an unbelievable database for your shoping pleasure.

Glad we could help.

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