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Dec 27, 2001
janesville wi usa
1982 bright blue coupe
Can anyone out there post a pic of the ESC module? It should be mounted on the pass.side on the heater box.I need to cobble an 84 or later part to an 82 and need to see the wires.Thanks
You're in luck René, mine just happens to be hanging down in the passenger footwell now (engine project ;)). I'll try to remember to take my camera down to the garage when I fetch my mail this afternoon. :upthumbs

_ken :w
Click any of the images to see them full-size...

Here ya go Mate! :L What a mess, eh?

_ken :w
Seriously now...

Here is one a little closer so you can see the connectors.

Closer still.

Now that I was shooting pictures of that stuff again, we may as wll kill two birds with one stone here, or as the case may be, two questions with one thread.

When I had the interior apart last year, I came across this and wondered what it was and where it goes (mounts), but I have always forgotten to ask. Now I'm asking. The books have no clear reference to this item or the next one. The item was warm as I was working in there tonight, so maybe it has to do with the interior time-out on the lights?? :confused

This one has me stumped too. The bracket you see taped to it was made to fit exactly as you see it, but there is nothing with which to attach the bracket to the unit and then I don't know where the bracket mounts up under the dash.

And if this is the VATS module, what is that thing mounted to the dash behind the "breadbox"?? :confused :confused

This is what happens when some idiot gets to it before you do. I mean, if I was the first in there since it left the factory, I could probably figure out where these things were mounted. But because someone else got in there to change the dash pad to a simulated wood thing (which I removed and replaced with the original pad), The parts were already loose and just hanging there.

_ken :w
Thanks for the pics Ken.Now do either of the modules you show have an 8 digit number on them?
Nada... Zilch... Zero... Nothing... Nothing on either of the modules at all. As a matter-of-fact, the bracket doesn't even have a number if I remember correctly. :confused

_ken :w
No 8 digit number, D%&n!!! WEll the small one looks like a dome light timer( are the wires orange,white and a black ).The other looks like an anti theft mod.
Yeah, the wires are orange/white/black. I figured that one was warm to the touch because I was in there with the interior lights on, therefore power was coursing through it. ;)

If the other is the VATS, or part of it, then what is it that is mounted to the instrument panel behind the "breadloaf" when it's in place? :confused

_ken :w
No luck on what that part is yet but will keep looking ( I'm just plain stubborn ).Need one more favor,under your hood,next to the heater motor is a module.Can you tell me the wire colors from left to right? Thanks Rene'
Ken I thought that Unit behind the dash or (breadbox) was the ECM or Computer for the car? I thought thats where we went to install the performace chips from hypertech.jet.formatto.etc..

Could someone tell me Im right or clarify where those chips actually go?
The part I'm talking about is the controller for retarding timing for engine knock.It's about the size of a pack of cigerettes.Should have a blue,brown,black,pink and black and maybe one more wire.
I'll go downstairs this afternoon and check it for you Mate. ;)

_ken :w

The small one is the Interior light timer & the big one is the VATS and the VATS went behind the LOAF.

Oh duh

Where does it mount.

The small one was taped to the harness
( from the factory ) so there is no official mounting except for cloth tape ( a ty-wrap will do nicely)

The VATS should be behind the loaf.. the only other thing that mounts there is ( starting in 88) the LPTWS reciever which piggybacks on the vats.

Now I'm confused

It looks like
the thing hanging is the VATS
the mounted one might be the chime ( aka audio alarm module )

The A.A.M will have an 8 pin connector ( two inline, four each)

The VATS will have more......

Correction..ignore... warning... previous post's were only partially correct!!!!!!


The unit hanging under the dash is PART of the VATS( Theft Deterrent Controller ) and it mounts under the dash behind the plastic wall ( where the module pictured is ) on the opposite side of where your knees would land at a screwey angle.

The unit mounted into the dash is the VATS decoder module and it's in the correct place.

Have I totally thrashed your brain????

So in closing

The 1st little black box

Dimmer control module for interior lights.

( Tape to harness)

2nd silver box ( Larger & unmounted )

Theft Deterrant Module

Mounts under dash

3rd module behind LOAF

VATS decoder ( correctly installed )

Better?! ( whoops )

Rene..my .02

The ESC in an 88 is a 4 wire deal.( 5 pin connector "A" not used)

Pin B Pink/Black +12 ign
Pin C Black is the connection to the ECM ( ESC signal, OUTPUT)
Pin D Brown Ground
Pin E Dark Blue to Knock sensor.

I'm leary if the ESC's are the same!

In an 84 OH WAIT ( EST module here)

Ignore this.. but it's part of the system

Pin D Black/RED Internal gnd of EST
Pin C Tan/Black is the output to the ECM
( this is the line you break to set timing )
Pin B Purple/Black going to ECM
( Distrib REF High)
Pin A White going to ECM
( HEI Spark timing)

The ESC for an 84( the one you were looking for)
( 5 pin connector "A" not used)
Pin B Pink/ Black +12 ignition
Pin C Black Spark retard to ECM
Pin D Brown Ground
Pin E Dark Blue to sensor



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