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Need Service Center in NYC or Tri-State Area for Engine Work to fix Oil Consump Prob



I have a serious oil consumption problem (1 Quart every 380 miles) and am looking for a Chevy service center that I can trust to replace my rings. I get the impression that my local service and sales center (Potamkin) does not know a thing about my Corvette. I had to bring the oil consumption TSB to their attention and fight hard to get it approved. They finally agreed to do the work March 18th, but I am scared to have these guys take my car apart. They have never done this job and don't seem to appreciate how much I care for my car. Please help in pointing me in the direction of a service center that knows Vette engines inside and out and is familiar with the oil consumption problem.
Did you check the Corvette Portal? If not, click the Portal tab at the top of this page and go to Repair and Restoration Shops. You should be able to find a shop there.
Car is under warranty

My car is under warranty and need a dealer to touch. Anyone know of any trustworthy dealers I can trust???
New to this forum .... how did you make out on this ... i know it was a while back
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I got mine done in Connecticut. I live in Long Island too so getting to CT. should not be a big problem. Metro north train is nearby. (914) 241-9500

Yes, I am somewhat happy. I was burning a quart every 300 to 400 miles. After the fix I wam burning a quart every 2,500 miles. Beware, Chevrolet does not want to do the job because of the expense. You will need to jump through a few hoops to get it warrantied. They will ask you to get the oild changed by them and the will mark the oil pan screw to make sure you are not draining oil. They may actually want this done more than once. They will want to see the warning light come on, which means you will have to drive all the way to Ct. with a low oil light just to prove it to them. Once they approve the work be prepared to have your car in shop for a week and a half. This is a pain because the dealership is near Ct., but this place does good work. I could have gotten the work done in NYC, but the dealership I purchased the car from (Potamkin) was clue less. They were unaware of the oil burning problem. They made me come back so many times and they told me the car would be in the shop for a month because they had so much work. I just got a bad feeling and refused to have them touch my car. Your best bet is to go out of your way to a good service center and get it done right.
thanks for your reply ...and of course the time spent in replying ... my dealer said I have to wait until I have 4000 miles on it before even looking at it .... maybe the problem will go away .. i can only dream

I will keep u posted
Stay on top of him and document everything. Problem will not go away. Only get worse. Bring it back to him as soon as light goes on so that he can see for himself.

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