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Need tips on painting my Vette Ralley Wheels , the same color as the car.



Well, the wheels are in need of painting. I saw a pic once of someone who had painted his ralley wheels the same color as his vette, and it looked pretty sharp. I think this was popular on the Olds 442 and Cutlass ,in the early '70 's too. Has anyone done this , and how did you go about it? I was going to use a fine wire wheel with my drill and get as much of the old paint off as i could, then prime the wheels, and put a few coats of paint on (to match the body). ANy helpful hints...and any pics of your painted ralley wheels ?

Thanks, Dave
I haven't done my wheels yet, but I know from prior experiance with factory paint that you will be better served to locate a body shop with a beadblaster. What will take you a full day to remove using paint stripper and wire wheels can be done in 5 minutes with a beadblaster. As for paint, I was planning on having my wheels powder coated. I haven't checked the cost yet, I may revise my plans when I do. I had planned to paint my wheels the body color, but when I saw a vette done that way I decided against it, I'll get mine done in the original silver. Try to find a vette with your body color that has been done, I thought that a yellow vette looked cool, but after seeing a red car done that way (my body color) I'm not sure that I like it for my car.
Painted ralleys

1979 toy,
I agree with Dave on the wheel color. I remember a '67 that was around Ft. Wayne IN for years that had the rally wheels painted Sunfire Yellow to match the car probably shortly after it was new. I always liked it a lot. I have seen red and other colors that, in my opinion, don't look near as nice as the factory silver. Of course, I like the '67 centers best on all years and ran police car centers on my '67 so it is up to you. If you like it do it.

I have taken steel and aluminum wheels in to have them stripped and I think it is cheap compared to the labor involved at home. A local sand blaster here does steel wheels for 5 bucks each. Check the yellow pages for metal stripping and you will probably find somebody that can strip and powdercoat your wheels in a custom mixed color to match yours.


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