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Recently bought my '74 LS4. In examining the car, the paint code has SPEC embossed, as opposed to the usual 3 digit color code. Any way to determine the significance of this? Build sheet (Tank sticker?) was of no use, too many years exposure to read.

Welcome to the Corvette Action Center. I believe that your Corvette may have been painted a special color, but it's hard to say right now. What color is the car now? How long have you owned it/are you the original owner? Do you have any pictures of it that you could post here?
I've read that it could've been painted a special color as Rob said or been delieved in primer; you can paint to your own taste and still be jugded as correct.

Nice option I'd say.

Owned it about a week. Silver in/out. 45K actual. Unfortunately, it sat outside from 1980 on, so the bumper covers are long gone, and the paint is wasted.

Thanks for the input. I wasn't sure if GM was still doing non-production colors/ shipping in prime in '74.

Is there any program like Pontiac's whereby one can obtain information on the vehicle direct from GM?
There was a '75 delivered in primer to the dealer I worked at then. It had silver bumpers and was painted black by our body shop. Since your car is in need of paint anyway you could do some chipping or sanding and see what is under the silver. I would bet it was primer but it could be a unique color like the Shriner cars. From the looks of your paint I would say it has been on there for a long time. Probably '74.

Keep us posted.

Car is a funky green/gray over the 'glas, then black, then silver. Followed by red oxide, and silver again.

My buddy with several midyear cars said he has never seen the green/gray before, that they're usually black over the 'glas.

It seems odd to me that the car would ship in prime to be painted silver, since there was a silver available.

Any idea how many shipped sans paint?
St Louis was putting out some bad paint jobs in this time period. Many cars went to dealer body shops before they were delivered. The main complaint was that you could see every bonding strip. Some buyers thought that since they were going to have to repaint the car anyway they might as well start from primer to begin with. Unfortunately, I can't find a source for production numbers on the '74 colors.


The quantities on SPEC code from the St. Louis days are sketchy at best. SPEC generally refers to a car with Primer only color. Darn shame the build sheet was unretrieveable, it would have likely verified a couple of possibilities. My '81 was delivered in Primer and I have a color code marked "SPEC". (See attachment) The build sheet confirmed this as it had a separate marking indicating "Body in Prime". However, in the '70's it was possible to get a "SPECial" color painted by the factory. These were often listed as COPO cars. Again the Build Sheet would have confirmed this. Either way, you have a special car like mine. The author of the Corvette Black Book has compiled a large amount of pretty accurate info regarding paint codes and qtys. Bottom line is you can paint your car any color you want without changing the "stock" color.

Enjoy............... Nut
Thanks everybody. It looks like the car was most likely delivered in prime, as the there is no silver on the mating flanges at the bumper cover.

Anybody ever found a broadcast sheet in any location other than the tank (it wasn't under the carpet or inside the doors)?
I've heard of them being stuffed up under the dash, and behind the seatback's.

If you soak some paper towel's in ether lay them in a cake pan, put the build sheet then more soaked towel's on top you maybe able to read more.

Hope ya find another copy. If you do take a photo of it , then encase it in plastic. I found mine only to lose it to mice.


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