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New shift kit installed on '81. Now it won't downshift properly!



Hi Guy's, I've had a TransGo shift kit installed in my TH350, Trouble is, now it doesn't downshift when I put the pedal to the metal anything above 45mph. I'm impressed with the snappier shifts when changing manually. The guy at the transmission shop has asked me to supply another kit but it seems a shame to go thru it all again when it is just the downshift. The downshift cable I understand is self adjusting on the '81 and that has been done. Is there anything else that can be done?
Thanks, VettePaul.
Shift Kit Adjustment


I had a 700R4 rebuilt and at the same time added a shift kit. After all the usual adjustments to the cable and vacuum I had just the opposite problem. It upshifted great but wouldn't hold the gear under acceleration. It downshifted too easily. My transman got on the phone to his specialist and was told to try different weights on the governor. It is located on the side of the trans and is fairly easy to change. After several changes we found the right combination. WOW!
Thanks GreyGhost, I'll mention that to him and see what he comes up with,....VettePaul.

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