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New to the Action Center Problem with 98


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May 30, 2018
Rock Hill, SC
1998 Black Coupe
I'm new to both the center and Corvettes in general. Hope someone can advise me on how to solve a persistent problem. I have a 98 coupe that is generally a really nice car with no major issues, HOWEVER I have one problem that's driving me nuts. I get a code B1537H on the DTC readout, "System switch 6 (reset) short to ground". No other IPC or PCM related codes although the system will occasionally throw a random code or 2. I can't use the reset button, it doesn't work. I figured switch short to ground / button doesn't work and the switch was not "stuck in" - simple, needs a new switch right. So I took out the IPC and replaced the DIC switch - no luck, still doesn't work in spite of a new switch and no obvious damage to the DIC switch harness. Here's what's going on:
1. I turn the ignition switch to ON and I can read the codes normally, but on the trip distance, trip time and other functions I can't reset anything. After a while, there's a beep and I can no longer get the DIC to do anything at all, it freezes on whatever the last message was up to the beep. After setting for while with the key off, it will sometimes work again and sometimes not. Eventually it will come back on and do the same routine.
2. When driving, I can use the FUEL, GAGES and other switches and the DIC seems to operate normally but will not reset. Other than not resetting, it seems to work normally until I get the beep and then it freezes.

I checked every fuse, checked the grounds involved, changed the switch and checked the switch harness and can't find any obvious issues. Since it doesn't affect performance I'm OK with using it as is but I'd really like the car to work as designed.

I'd appreciate any advice on how to fix this, thanks in advance!!!
Welcome to CAC!!!

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Thanks for the welcome message!! This site appears to be one of the most informative and helpful with Corvette tech issues.
Mom, welcome to CAC. :w I am going to move this thread to C5 tech so it gets the attention it needs to get you some help. :thumb
Have you read the diagnostic and repair info for DTC B1537 in the 1998 Factory Service Manual?
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I appreciate your response but I have read the diagnostic. When I had the IPC out to replace the switch the harness from the switch to the IPC was not an issue. I'm beginning to wonder if the "short to ground" may not be a short at all but a weak or lost power connection or a ground to the switch in one of the connectors. I think I need to chase the wiring (BLU wire) on the wiring diagrams from the switch to see where it goes. If it goes through the door accordians on either or both doors I'll need to pull the connectors out of the A-pillars to check for weak connections. I hate to do this since it's hot here and this a job for small hands!! Bill Curlee suggests that these are the location of numerous IPC-related issues. Based on my understanding of the manual (which is not super even after reading it a lot) the switch is either not getting enough voltage or there's some permanent short to ground somewhere for switch 6. I have a scan tool but it may not be sophisticated enough to follow the diagnostic in the manual to see if the reset button is sending a signal but not actually resetting, nonetheless I'll give it a shot. I've even thought about taking it the dealer for diagnosis and repair, but then I get a drink and calm down, I'm sure this would cost a ton, so I'm holding that out as a last resort!!! Hoping someone on the forum has run into this problem in the past.

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