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Oil Pressure Gauge


James Price

I'm writing in for a friend of mine who just purchased a 97 coupe with 45K miles on it.

The only thing we could find not working was the Oil Pressure gauge. It's stuck with reading to the far right. Any ideas? Could it be a sending unit? Cost to repair?


Sounds like a bad sensor, the problem is that it's on the back side of the engine just behind the intake, it can be changed with out removing the intake if someone is very carefull and has a universal jiont and sensor scoket and is real good at working with a long thin screwdriver to be able to reinstall the connector but I think most people would remove the intake inorder to get to it to change it so that could run the price a little maybe about 3.0 hours labor. I can't tell you for sure because I can do it with out removing the intake.

David Fulcher

James Price

Thanks, David-F

Sounds like a pain in the butt-but, I have worked in tight spaces like that before. It's worth a shot. I'll post the results.....

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