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Gone but not forgotten
Jan 30, 2001
Hermosa Beach, CA
1987 Z51 Silver Coupe
One thing to be said for owning an older Corvette is the fact that registration fees will no longer be a frightening thing to consider every year. This year my registration cost me a grand total of eighty-two dollars, tewnty-five of which was for the special plate (1987 Z51) fee. Fifty-seven dollars, for California, ain't bad! ;)

_ken :w
$90 (approx.)

Transfer from CA to GA=tax (I don't know WHY!), with a new title, tag and vanity plate:SLVR78
This has got to be the only thing thats cheaper in NY.

Mine was $40 for 2, yes I said 2 years.

How's that jingle go " I LOVE NY " Well sometimes I do.

Man am I ever glad I live in VA. Only $10 for vanity plates. I can't remember the total registration but it was about $70 for two years - not too bad, and that includes the vanity plate fee:).
I don't have to pay for mine yet, but it will probably be in the $200 range. Could be cheaper. My brothers '98 Z28 is $137, not too bad. I will just have to wait and see.
$38 here for my 81. $12 of that was for the SHARK81. There are advantages to living in Geezerville.
I found a '64 tag that cost me $12. The state charged me a total of $67.50 (a one time charge) to register the tag with them. That's it, no more tags, no more taxes. :) Good Ol' KS
Classic Tags in Pennsylvania-One time fee of $95-thats it for the life of the car.You are not to use the car as your daily driver however.

$5.00 a year here in California...for my 'non-operational' certificate. Let's see, 5 bucks a year, times 15 years my '63 hasn't been running...Hmmm, another good reason to get Ole Yeller back on the road!
It`s £85 for the six "summer" months over here which isn`t to bad, in some European countries it is calculated either by engine size or in some cases the weight of the car.

I paid $20 two years ago for the vanity tag and it cost $36 per year to renew registration. vanbity tag a once and done fee.
Tag is "LAST C3" :D

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