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Say guys...
Just wondering if there are any plus-minus comments regarding platinum plugs vs stock plugs for a '94 LT1? Looking forward to Spring here!
at the RPM range you will run a LT-1 the stock plugs are more than enough. unleaded fuel in use now should make them last 100.000 miles without misfiring.
up from the stock 5800 rpm...

Thanks brooks.... just wondering though.... I have the hypertech power program which increased my rpm to 6200 rpm... would that make a diff?
I hear AC rapidfire is the best plug right now. Chuck
I have LT-4 which redlines at 6300 and i drive it real fast, 5400 in 5th, and the still use stock AC plugs.

Personally, I'd stay away from platinum plugs. It has been shown that some have the tendency of losing the "pads" which can cause damage.

I've also always had a hard time believing you can go for 100,000 miles without changing a spark plug, or your coolant, etc. It just doesn't seem logical to me in order to keep a car in proper operating conditions, but then again, I was also brought up in the day and age where you changed your oil every 3,000 miles and that philosophy is out the door now too.

I'm running the AC Rapidfires in my Vette and love them.

I ran some Bosch platinums in my Vette and my Suburban. The Suburban doesn't have a knock sensor and I was getting a lot of pinging. Bosch runs the tip very hot to keep it clean. This raises the tendency to ping. I now have copper core plugs in the Vette and it runs great. Currently running Bosch Super. Visit the NGK web site, in the technical section they have some information on plugs for an LT-1.

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