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Please Help Im Leaking Bad


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May 23, 2001
1985 Bright Red Rocket
Okay I had ALL the Seals redone proffesionally and I even adjusted myself here and there.

The Seals on the roof leak I cant maek them stop they collect water and travel down to the back then continues to drip on my shoulder Its driving me nuts

When I wash the car with my pressure washer if I even Graze the window I got water inside Ive tryed EVERYTHING!!!!

Was the weatherstripping OEM spec? If so and if done professionally:eyerole you shouldn't be having any leaks.
I would look at the fit of the targa top if proper weatherstripping job was done. Water normally collects at lower point where pillar meets the quarterpanel and drains harmlessly outside the car.
Good luck, I know leaks can be a real pain:r :r :hb
Me too, until I tried...


Get some dielectric stuff in a squeeze tube, put on rubber gloves and rub it into the weatherstripping well. This helps to create a waterproof barrier. (and is good for preserving and conditioning the w/s)

78 used to leak on my shoulder all the time, even after installation of Corvette catalog purchased weatherstripping, and installed by a Corvette only shop. It appeared the water ran down the channels but as it met the 2 weather stripping pieces at the t-top back corner and upper pillar strip, it would eventually soak a little between where the two met, than create a course for the water to flow down. The silicone stopped this when I applied it this summer.

I still get water inside with a direct hit from the hose, but that is because the window needs adjusting for a better fit. ;)
Water leak

That's why i keep a bar of soap in my car and don't drive it in the rain. Never owned a Vette that don't leak somewhere. Part of the mystique of owning one. Besides the weather strip being installed correctly look at the window and door being adjusted correctly. Worn hinges or window out of adjustment can add to your grief. Good luck on stopping those leaks.


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