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Possisble 70 LT-1 for sale! Need advice!


Nov 29, 2001
Hello All!

I am looking at a pretty ratty, but seemingly very original 70 Corvette. Some things seem to indicate that it was an LT-1. I was wondering for any tell tale things that would cinch it one way or the other(tank sticker is illegible).

The car has the correct '186' heads(but I understand those are also for the 300hp motors). It has 'a' correct 4555a holley double pumper and 'a' correct aluminum intake. The trans is a close ratio 4 speed and a 4.11 rear end. The plaque under the gear shift says 370hp but I know that can easily be changed.

Some other pointers to a possible LT-1 car is the deep oil pan and the 'big' harmonic balancer. Those are some things that aren't so easily changed. The hood is an original 'power bulge' hood.

It does not have the TI ignition on it currently. Where did the amplifier go on the cowl? I was wondering if there would be some holes on this car.. What other things? Please email me at balspaug@indiana.edu as I do not check this forum very often. Thanks in advance!
Tale Tell LT-1


the FIRST and one of the most obvious signs of an LT-1 is the tach,
it should have a 6500 rpm REDLINE!

This is the MOST obvious and quickest check

These CAN be replaced but most people do not think of it, nor take the time as its a pain in the Butt to do...the other would be to check the engine number and code for the original engine (CTU or CTK or CTV)

any of these codes would show its heritiage.

also the LT-1's did not have an overflow catch can for the radiator
(except ZR-1's)

there are some other ways like the fuel pump...it has a 3/8" return lines to the gas tank (should have one)

good luck, but without verifiication, I'd price it as a regular vette and go from there

Larry (gus)

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