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Power Steering Control Valve



I have a 73 control valve that is spewing fluid from the dust boot like no bodies business. This is following a rebuild. It leaked fluid from the same place before, with or without pressure. Could this be caused by lines hooked up wrong? All lines have different sizes except for the pump.

Hopefully just a seal installed backward.

Pics to come on restoration (body on).

Did you rebuild it yourself? I rebuilt mine ('72) and haven't had any problems. I remember you can't mix up the lines to the pump, but you can try swapping the lines to the actuator to see if that fixes it.
You'll probably end up having to tear it apart again to fix it. If you rebuilt it yourself and know how all the parts looked, you can probably just re-assemble it without replacing anything if nothing looks broken. If you didn't rebuild it yourself, you'll probably need a kit just for the assembly instructions.

Good luck.
If you have to R/R, Rare81 posted a great step by step rebuild some time back. Try the search engine and good luck.

Thanks for the direction, I found an old post with a link for step by step rebuild.

To answer questions:

Yes I rebuilt the control valve myself. That is most likely the problem. I will give it another shot with the detailed directions.

I'll keep you posted.


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