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Power Steering Flush


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May 8, 2001
Santa Rosa, CA
1996 Collector Edition
Any tips on flushing the power steering fluid? My 1996 CE has a little hesitation in the steering boost from time to time and I thought a flush with new fluid would be the best place to start. Is there a drain valve or do I need to have it sucked out from the filler cap? Any help/tips would be appreciated.


I used the siphion method about 5 times on my 87 vette, power steering pump to clean the fluid. It seemed to work fine, I was told that you could pull the line from the power steering pump to drain the system. I may still try this because it should work better and use less fluid.

My steering was really hard turning to the left but normal turning to the right. It could be my rack going, but it has almost returned to normal since I flushed the system.


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Jul 3, 2001
Auburndale, Florida
1969 Killer Shark
When I had the engine out of the 90, I pulled the resevior off and bench cleaned it. Then, I manually turned the wheels left and right with them jacked off the ground and pushed out some old fluid from the rack. I then bench drained the pump.

This fluid had not been changed in a decade. It was dark and thick.

I replaced with fresh synthetic blend fluid (nice and clear). I plan on pulling a hose and draining it again at the next oil change.

It was starting to freeze up in the Auto X racing towards the end of the run. I will find out this weekend if the fluid change fixed it.

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