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Prom chips and Heat shield help?



Howdy all!, Great forum! I just became the proud owner of a 1992 Blk/Blk ZR-1, what a car!!!! No doubt about "THE KING" Move out of the way and let the big dog eat!

I was wondering about a good way to fix the heat shield rattle on the exhaust manifolds, I don't see any bolts holding them to anything or any place to do so? anybody else have this problem or a have a cure?.
am I missing somthing?.

What prom chip do ya folks like the best? Mine has a Superchip "strip" prom and it works well at full throtle but surges and has flat spots. I am looking at a DRM but I am not sure this is the right way to go.

Thanks!:beer :D
Syclonebob Welcome to The Corvette Action Center


I can't answer your question, you see I have an old L81 :eyerole , hang in there because there are lot's of ZR1 types around here, and I'm sure one of them can help you.

I just wanted to welcome you to The Corvette Action Center ;) Rob, our administrator has a ZR1 and does alot of his own work and is very knowledgable about them, as are many others here.

Please check out the entire CAC when you find the time. We have everything from a Chat Room "The Solid Axle Lounge" to Corvette specs, shops and about anything else you can think of Corvette Related. But most of all we have a Great Core of Corvette People here to help and listen. We also like pictures... hint... hint... hint :cool

Enjoy the ride both in the King and here:D any questions, suggestions or comments are appreciated ;)
Hey Bob, welcome to the club:D I just purchased my '90 not to long ago as well. Not sure about the heat shield.....luckily mine came with headers. As far chips go, I know Rippie is supposed to make a good one. My ZR had a custom burnt chip already in it, so I haven't had to deal with getting another one. You might want to give Lingenfelter a call as well.

Also, just from talking with a bunch of ZROners, some of these guys have extra chips lying around. Might look into trying to get a used one as well.......

There are 3 nuts & bolts that secure each Heat Shield to the Engine Assembly according to the 1992 Service Manual I have!

On the RH Side - 2 Nuts are located on long oil pan attachment studs at the rear of the oil pad that attach from the bottom of the Heat Shield. The other Nut attaches to a stud to the Engine Crankcase over the top of the Heat Shield.

On the LH Side - 2 Nuts are also located on long oil pan attachment studs at the rear of the oil pad that attach from the bottom of the Heat Shield. The other Bolt attaches thru a Clip to the Engine Crankcase over the top of the Heat Shield. :D

These have been well know to loosen up and cause Rattling!:(
Welcome to the wonderful world of ZR-1 ownership,Bob. Glad to have you aboard. One of our Registry members in Texas,Marc Randolph,has developed quite a reputation for producing quality chips. Marc charges around $100-150 each.
Clint Hooper
LT5 Registry
There are actually four different exhaust-related heat shields on the LT5 engine.

There are two attached to each exhaust manifold. All are affixed to the mainfolds with sheet metal screws. Perhaps the reason your shields are rattling is because one of more of these screws have fallen out.

There is an additional heat shield above each cat converter. They attached to both the oil pan rail and the back of the block. If they are rattling, again, check to see if one of the fasteners has fallen off.

The last head shield is between the exhaust manifold and the wiring that runs along the side of the engine block and connects to each oxygen sensor. These two shields also are bolted to the oil pan rail and the block. Once again, if these are rattling, it's probably because one or more fasteners are missing.
I agree with Clint. I have had several chips, including the latest one (much improved) stock from GM at olny about $47. I would try that chip first, and see what you think before changing. Then If I wanted a change, I would do a custom chip like Clint says. Of the 4 I have had (origonal '91, "performance from MAD, DRM, and upgraded GM'91 stock), I like the upgraded '91 stock the best by far. Of course, my engine is not modified, and if the engine is stock, it is very hard to beat what GM has been able to do on their latest try. I called DRM, and they frankly agreed (I am assuming here they weren't being sarcastic).

Best of luck, and do your self a favor and try the cheap GM first.
Thanks for the input and help!. I love this car!!

Hmmm,, I tried a new factory prom and it made the car idle at 2000 rpm(cold and hot) and numerous warning lights come on,,(check engine,service ride control,service ASR,etc..). The dealer sent me another prom and it did the exact same thing!
Any ideas on what might be causing this? Anything to check for? The car APPEARS to be stock.
Thanks :confused :W:

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