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Puttin this on the top..need advise


Motor head!!!!
Feb 13, 2001
Valencia, CA,USA
88 Convert ( SOLD ) /1973 coupe 4 speed/1964 Vert!
My neighbor ( who is moving ) has a HOT ( no not stolen ) 65 327 Camaro engine, Double hump heads, nice cam ( no specs but I've driven the car before) it HAULS A$$.. complete engine With a trick B&M turbo 400 + engine stand and box of chrome goodies. It has the ALT, starter, water pump, Edlebrock intake, Carter carb......... $350.00

The engine stand is worth AT LEAST $100.00
it's very nice.

Now I can go either way with this... use the engine for my 73 while I build the one that's in there currently.. then have a cool engine for when I find my C-2 dream car.


Sounds like a good deal if it's in decent shape, if you have the cash grab it..
Not a bad price for a good running complete motor. You need to inquire about the rear gear in the camaro to get a good feel for why that engine felt so strong in that car. It may be that the 327 needs a lot of revs, so it might choke in your car.

Otherwise, go for it.
327 usually like to rev as I recall, I have a 63 sitting under a shed with 70 or so LT1 z28 heads on it. I havent found a home for it yet.

I wish I could find a running 327 over on my side of the contiguous 48 for $350 to dump in my Trans AM project. They're getting double that over here for a 350. You almost can't lose. Love to see a picture of a '65 Camaro (sic). Just do it.

........... Nut
The Camaro

No longer exists,

I must live in the twlight zone.

Here the story.. 10 or so years ago,the guys dad had a 67 ish green RS Camaro which he gave to his son.

( Now 35 ish) It was pretty much stock.. he started making... it cooler ( Like we do)

New centerline rims,Big slicks, headers, Auto, Big But Tach on the column etc.

And he would take this car once in a blue moon to Pomona and run the 1/4.... and he would come back and throw a ton of cash at it and spend hours under the hood.. I would know this because he would come over to borrow the odd tool once & a while.

Headers, traction bars, drive line stuff,Glass pac's, Cut out the Power Steering to save weight, Gaberial Hi Jackers, Fuzzy dice, Skull shifter( All nessesary Hi Po stuff for racing..HA!)

The rear side windows were a sticker collection to DIE for!

I helped him put a new distrib in it ( forget when) that's when I drove it... what a HOOT!

Time passed....

He asked If I had an engine swap book.. you know..like a Hot Rod how to..

I had "Practical Engine swaping"

350's into Z cars 350's into Jag's and other like topics.

7 years later......

Something SNAPED in his brain.

He totally stripped the Camaro down to it's shell and had the shell hauled away.
(Missed that one)

And 2 days later a 54 Chevy pickup on a flatbed roll's in ( lookin like it's been stored up in the mountians for 20 years )

For the last 3 years My neighbor has been putting the Camaro running gear in this truck. Including the front frame rails

A week ago I see the truck on the corner with a for sale sign on it $2200.00 obo

I look under the hood.. it's got a 6 under it.

Hmmmmm where's that ENGINE?

I walk over to his house the next day.. and He's moving furniture into the garage. I ask what's up.. are you doing some remodeling?
No I sold the house he replies.. and his house closes escrow TODAY... and He's gotta move now. I ask about "The engine"

He pulls the tarp off..........

The lovely GM blue on top..orange on the bottom , enough faded chrome & polished aluminum to stir old memories of me walking into "Super Shops" when I was in high school ( back in the stone age)

Mmmmmmmickey Thompson raised rocker arm covers.

Polished Aluminum water pump..

Chrome pulleys.

GM bow tie nut for Air cleaner (with red plastic jewel in middle)

B&M Racing tranny...

(SLAP....SLAP) Phew,
I musta been having a flashback

So there you have it.


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